Facing Adversity

I really hate pain in life. Adversity stretches my soul to its breaking point. I detest the feeling...but I wonder who I would be without it? Had I not lost… would I appreciate what I have gained? My broken heart has given me empathy for the one who is crushed with grief. Would I have compassion for those who suffer if I hadn't felt the bitter hurt of a shattered dream? If I had not cried my own tears… would I truly care about yours? The season when money and resources were scarce… addressed my disregard for the poor. The temptation that almost destroyed me… gave me wisdom to guard the rest of my years. The decimation and consequences of secret lies taught me a healthy respect for the brilliance and peace of God’s laws. When I faced the brutal humanity of my own failures, I found the astonishing redemption of God. I now fear the fallout of stupidity. Had I not been forgiven so much… I may not have been able to offer forgiveness to those who have wounded me. The humiliation of my ego; the crushing of my pride has given way to contentment without entitlement. When I was seemingly abandoned in a prison of endless waiting for my breakthrough, I learned that faith is the evidence of things not observed with my senses. It is the very substance of hope in a God you cannot see, without justifiable indication of the miracle that finally comes in His timing. In the midst of the torment, I learned He was so close I could feel His breath on my face. I found out He shows up with a vengeance ~ just like He promises. I had heard of His faithfulness, but now I know it in my soul. Count it all joy when you experience a myriad of difficult tests and trials. They become the firing kiln that fortifies the foundation of your destiny with wisdom and power. When you come through… you become unstoppable.


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