Your GPS

I was driving to dinner tonight in the fog. After going for blocks on end in a part of town I'm unfamiliar with, without being able to see or recognize anything, I actually had no idea where I was. The fog was so thick I had a quick sense of panic till I realized my GPS was right in front of me and it new my exact position. I was so used to it sitting there and not paying much attention to it that I had not relied on it at all ... when I needed it most. In contrast to the hazy mist all around me the GPS was crystal clear...I had never noticed how sharp and precise the picture on my dashboard looked until I really had to depend on it when I could not even make out a visible sign post. I thought about how life is like this too. We go through a season where we can't see where we are headed. Nothing is familiar and we feel lost. A thick fog has set in and we know we are headed somewhere, but who knows how we will get there. We are out of our comfort zone, on unknown paths, with no ability to sense, with our own skills where we should go next...until we look to our GPS ~~ God's Positioning System. It knows exactly where we are and where we are going at all times. It measures the exact distance to your destination and has a set time for arrival. It isn't thrown off by a hurricane, typhoon or tsunami, it knows how to avoid a dead end. It speaks to us in a gentle voice when it's time to change directions. It never gets angry when we go left, when it should have been a right. It just reconfigures a new way. The circumstances have no bearing on its ability to guide us. When we cannot see ahead, it has already calculated the distance down to the inch. It is precise, fearless, faultless and trustworthy. If you're in a fog...look at your GPS.


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