Something pretty amazing is happening in Saskatchewan. Not only are we having the time of our lives travelling across the prairies, as you can see below with some of the women from this beautiful place, but women's lives are being changed forever. We had our first meeting where about 130 women showed up. The power of God graced us with His presence. Healing took place as women lined up at the altar for prayer and deliverance. Shame fell off, the spell of rejection, regret and insecurity was broken. Lies told in secret places of the heart were revealed and the power of deception was shattered... The enemy is a liar and his tactics are always the same. He goads and tempts us to mess up and then he spends the rest of our lives accusing us of our mistakes. The great news is that what was meant to destroy us has actually qualified us for the redemption of God. He did not come for those who were perfect, He is perfect. He did not come for those who could manage on their own, He came for those who needed a Saviour. Psalm 103:12 (NIV) "As far as the east is from the west, so far has he removed our transgressions from us." Tonight Women's Journey of Faith (WJOF) with Jodi Kozan, Bailey Rudoski and Shawna-Rae Pierce are in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan at Victory Church... starts at 7 p.m. Say a word of prayer for us...


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