You Have an Advocate

When you are reprimanded in your broken state by those who value a false sense of propriety over your lavish and desperate worship. . .you have an Advocate Who will stand in defence of you. He tells them to leave you alone. When you've felt the stares, the rejection, the disdain of those appearing closer to Jesus on the outside, your Defender tells them to leave you alone. When the pain, shame and regret are so great that you risk the humiliation of become undignified in the presence of your Lord as onlookers scoff at the unabashed display, Jesus tells them to leave you alone. A time long ago, at an unexpected place, on an ordinary night, a sinful woman knew her failures outweighed what was left of her reputation. The revelation of her last hope had seized her soul. Here in the room was Jesus, Himself...the One who healed the blind, raised the dead and forgave the most notorious of sinners....the relentless redemption offered by only One Man in the universe now resided within her grasp. To her, the act was not was the only thing of value she had left. Under the watchful eye of those who would never understand, she poured out, not only the most expensive perfume she would ever own, but also the heaping weight of every errant choice, destiny killing regret and devastating decision. Falling through the tears, her heart poured out in surrender the greatest exchange she would ever make. . .her brokenness for His wholeness. At this rare moment, one of Jesus' own disciples, the chosen few... those so privileged as to walk right beside the Master when all the crowds had returned to their homes, became disgusted at the woman's waste. "Surely this perfume could have been sold to give to the poor!" Judas declared with a scowl. Did her heart feel more rejection, more shame as she was publicly rebuked by one of His own for coming undone? Would the mocking and laughter she had grown to accept now be confirmed even more strongly by the ridicule of one so close to the Saviour? Was there any hope that Someone would stand up for her, love her, extend to her unmerited grace, even now at her very lowest, laid bare for all to see? "LEAVE HER ALONE" came the staggering words of the Teacher, Himself. John 12:7 (NIV) “Leave her alone,” Jesus replied. “It was intended that she should save this perfume for the day of my burial. You will always have the poor among you, but you will not always have me." For everyone of us who have known the despair and unforgiving accusation of the enemy.... Jesus says, "LEAVE HER ALONE."


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