I haven't been posting lately because we have been taping The 700 Club Canada in Israel! It's airing in December so stay tuned. If you would like to experience Israel for yourself there is an incredible opportunity with WJOF and a fabulous lady named Lisa Braunnext year from March 5-19, 2015. If this is something you have been thinking not delay to sign up and secure your spot. Lisa is a warm, passionate and funny lady who will lead you in an unforgettable journey in the footsteps of Jesus. Her tour guide is incredible and you will be changed. I can only say that I was truly unprepared for the magnificent impact that going to Israel would have on my life. It is more beautiful than I ever imagined. This pilgrimage is something that everyone should do...I felt completely safe and joined thousands upon thousands of other visitors who were there last week. There is no need to put it off...your soul will never be the heart still beats for Israel!


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