Put Your Hope in God

If today is still the season when you sow with tears, hang on for what is ahead... God's promise is that you will reap a harvest of joy!! Bad times do not last.
I testify to the goodness of God and His faithfulness. Whatever has brought about your pain, will soon dry up and blow away in the wind. God restores, He renews, He resurrects and He returns all that was lost with double for the trouble.
Declare today your trust unwaveringly and be still as God orchestrates a massive victory on your behalf. Do not be as those who shrink back or lack faith in their powerful God. If you do not faint, if you do not give up... the restoration will bring your dreams to life and laughter will grace the walls of your home.
God doesn't do anything small... It's always jaw dropping!! Put your hope in God...


  1. Well that's good to hear that you overcame, but I have been waiting for a healing for 26 years now. I was diagnosed with a horrible incurable disease and now more recently been diagnosed with another incurable disease. It is so ridiculous! And I have also dreamt of being healed by the Spirit but I'm still waiting some years later.