February 18, 2020

I"m back in court tomorrow...

The lawyers who do not sleep have summoned me to court tomorrow as they want me to take down a link that one of my followers posted on my page. A follower apparently posted the link to Mass Resistance from the USA, who have posted the entire interview in question.

The furnace is getting hotter.  Interestingly, it was the soldiers who dragged the three Hebrew boys to the furnace who were actually burned up. 

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  1. Love you Laura-Lynn...praying for you.

  2. Dear Laura Lynn,
    Thank you for who you are!
    Are you familiar with Dr. Ann DiMaio US emerg doc, who is working in relieving Human Trafficking? Who is the best Canadian resource person(s) in this regard?
    Thank you

  3. https://m.theepochtimes.com/how-legacy-news-outlets-and-political-actors-maintain-their-illusion-of-chaos_2910751.html

    Dear Laura Lynn,

    This article from May 2019 analyzes how a communist tactic called Above and Below is utilized to create  illusion of chaos and this move public opinion into outcry into changes in policy.

    Here is a summation of the tactic quoted from article:

    "Above and Below

    A major tool in this is the “above and below” tactic. This works by manufacturing crisis and response, then subverting through the Hegelian dialectic process of “thesis, antithesis, synthesis,” in order to control the direction of a process set in motion. The “below” part works through manufactured incidents and protests; the “above” then can react to these.

    For example, groups on the ground (below) create an incident; media (above) then amplify the incident to create public demand (below); and political factions (above) then react to the public demand.

    This process creates a feedback loop, in which reactions from politicians give fuel for more news stories, which further agitate public opinion—to which political groups can again respond. When the process reaches a boiling point, with a strong enough public demand, the political factions orchestrating the illusion can use it to justify political intervention through policy."

    I believe this tactic has been used in SOGI (Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity) in Canada and US..and frankly worldwide CSE(Comprehensive Sexuality Education)push. The narrative is "The dysphoric kids will commit suicide if schools don't intervene with affirmative practices and change kids pronouns, names, sex identification on official records, and steer to actisvist doctors for hormone therapy."

    Laura Lynn, continue to be strong and courageous!!!
    Judy Fernandez

  4. Just saw interview on Gun Show, God bless Laura, absolutely insane what is happening

  5. Just listened to your interview on infowars with Matt Bracken. As a Canadian I'm disheartened that I haven't heard of this story yet. Going to learn more about it. Sounds like you are doing your part to stand on gaurd. God keep our land glorious and FREE.

  6. Its the chaos and ungodlyness described in the bible people have lost thier way and now live in sin and promote unholy acts and preach acceptance and are lead by the charismatic antichrist J.T christians are being silenced while the one without morals rule the nation.

  7. Updated my blog...you Rob...videos...interviews...and tonight doing a blog talk radio program and and...AND...going to bat for you AKA March 9th court date...naming judges etc..the jew hursch..wong...the lesbian sodomite etc etc etc

  8. May you have the armor of God surround you and this family What would be a great argument, I think, would be the actions of these activists Described as Munchausen Syndrome by proxy Pedos prey on vulnerable children this is no different

  9. Divine courage and boldness strengthen you and protect you.