February 13, 2020


THIS IS THE OUTCOME OF THE PUBLICATION BAN AND OUR DAY IN COURT. I spoke the truth on why we are all so passionate about this. We want to protect children. 4,500% increase in gender clinic referrals globally. Continued rise of those detransitioning. More and more doctors bailing out of working at gender clinics. We got a very strong warning that the publication ban is in full effect and I realize that we must continue to speak and push back against the narrative in new and creative ways.

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  1. Doesn't anyone know about the Sue Evans vs Tavistock Case? Marcus Evans and Sue quit Tavistock after seeing the harm done to the youth. Keira Bell is star witness on this case, she feels her life was ruined. Charlie Evans tweeted me that hundreds of youth, mostly young women, have joined up with her support group, they feel completely abandoned after learning after the fact that their choice was irreversible, but no one told them anything. Same thing is happening elsewhere, but do we have to ruin tens of thousands of lives, before we realize that this is a HUGE mistake?

  2. I want Laura-Lynn to know that people outside Canada know about the case, and that we are praying for her. We are opposed to transgendering the youth here in the US. I have also contacted a prayer chain to let them know prayers are needed. There is more which needs to be said, but with great wisdom.