February 16, 2020

You Can't Stop Us

After several emails from the lawyers written to me late last night, (post police visit) and another email after 2 a.m. in the morning and then early today (when does this lawyer sleep), threatening to take me to court without notice and even asking me to remove some videos that are not in violation of any court orders...I went to the park. Good news below...this movement of speaking out against this state sponsored child wounding...will not be stopped.

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  1. Hello Laura Lynn, I had received your original film from Lavone out West Canada and had forwarded it to all my contacts, it was amazing. Another Friend Valerie who was totally fascinated with your courage and the Fathers courage decided to place French subtitles under the documentary which I received today by e-mail, I have no way to reach you and send it to you I do not know if I can copy and paste it on this comment, please if you get this comment can you send me a note at rr1942@sympatico.ca on how I can forward to you Valerie's work, thank you, Rosemarie