March 22, 2020

Paul Dirks on the Harm of a Conversion Therapy Ban

Paul Dirks joins me to discuss who is really harmed by a ban on "talk therapy" aka conversion therapy. The most vulnerable youth will be the lgbtq community as every professional in Canada will be threatened with fines and jail if they try to encourage them to wait through puberty and develop a true love for themselves and the body they were born in. The only option (outside of jail and fines), for a counsellor. clergy or doctor will be to steer them toward pharmaceuticals leading to life long, body altering surgery. This is another assault on this communities' rights to receive good care. These kids are being robbed of hearing the information they need and the opportunity to avoid cutting off their sex organs. Trudeau, all Liberals, the NDP and a fair number of CPC have lost their way in protecting our most vulnerable youth.

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