March 22, 2020


Our Canadian schools and lgbtq activists have infiltrated the places of the most vulnerable minds in our land, our children, and have taught them gender fluid theory through SOGI. The children are paying the price for our silence. SOGI is completely unsupported by millions of parents, science and upstanding endocrinologists across the world. What right does a state school have to teach an ideology that is against all mainstream religions, atheists, diverse ethnicity groups, the non-activist lgbtq community, millions of parents and those who believe school is about math, science, history and life skills. The agenda driven lgbtq have overstepped their place in our families and it's time for them to stop. STOP SOGI and its violation of our Charter Rights in Canada. If you support the initiatives we are undertaking, we need your help for court costs, societal and marketplace initiatives to shut down this invasion of freedom of conscience, thought and speech. Please support those of us who have given up a normal life to fight the children. We need to do this together. The hour has come to bring down the minority establishment who are bad citizens and bullies by demanding their unacceptable beliefs be taught to our most precious and cherished responsibility, our children. Leave the kids alone.

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  1. Please review and edit the last paragraph just before "Leave the kids alone." I believe you meant to say ... demanding their unacceptable beliefs NOT be taught to ...