March 22, 2020

Time To Fight Back

We are getting lawyers! It is time to fight! A father has been ordered not to call his daughter his daughter. A publication ban has silenced all dialogue on this story. There is no accountability for the educational, medical, legal and judicial entities of our land who have cooperated in this travesty. The court has ordered that a 14 year old can decide to change her gender with pharmaceutical drugs that have irreversible effects ... Against her father's wishes. Canada is turning into a totalitarian state that does not protect children but rather allows gender ideology to be taught as gospel truth and young, vulnerable children are the victims. WE DEFY THIS. We will fight to change the Orders of the Court that infringe on free speech. When a father is court ordered to call his child by pronouns that are not fitting to her biological sex, this has become a step too far. When publications bans protect the malpractice of doctors and Any attempt to restrict freedom of speech in this manner, by restricting anyone's ability to explain to the public what the courts have done to a particular father and his rights, and his family, is nothing short of a Soviet style system of enforced ideology. It is not law, nor is it justice. And it will be met with defiance. We are at a turning point. We can no longer be silent. It will require sacrifice, integrity, intestinal fortitude and "balls of steel" to come against the whole land, it's establishment, the politically correct media, the lying lawyers, activist judges and all who dare to take away our freedom, parental rights, freedom of the press, expression and religion. We stand together to see victory!

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