April 23, 2020

Citizen journalists prosecuted over BC trans child case The Gunn Show

One good thing about our confinement to our homes at this critical time, is that the activist teachers, principals and educators cannot read transgender books to your kids at school or play videos that tell them they can be a boy or a girl, or somewhere in between, inside their brain. Sheila Gunn Reid reports on The Gunn Show about the father in BC and I, now facing possible criminal contempt charges for refusing to be silent as activist teachers, doctors, lawyers and judges have sterilized a 14 year old without parental consent. She cannot get a tattoo by law, yet can decide to alter her bodies' sex organs after seeing a SOGI {Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity} video in grade 6 that told her she could be a boy. Eventually doctors just gave her cross sex pharmaceuticals. Even with knowing that 92% of most kids who experience this go through puberty and naturally become completely comfortable with their birth sex, they just began the treatments. Even with knowing that a 14 year old is not old enough to make any big decisions in life legally and is under the care of her parents, who are the only ones who will be there when she changes her mind and sues the activists. How is it legal for schools across Canada to now be telling vulnerable little kids that they can change their sex in kindergarten through to grade 12? How is it legal to be planting the seeds of transgenderism into a child's vulnerable mind with most parents not in agreement across the country? Have you noticed that kids everywhere are suddenly declaring they want to change their genders. It's time to start screaming NO! When did we lose our identity so profoundly as a society that the fear of activist social terrorists now outweighs our ability to defy this unscientific, confusing theory? This needs to be banned from our schools. Teachers need to teach what they were hired for and stop delving into critical medical and mental health issues that are none of their business. Any teacher who tells your child that they are "gender fluid" needs to be sued. Our schools are full of this curriculum (which they don't want you to call it, because all curriculum is supposed to be approved), instead they snuck it in along with dozens and dozens and dozens of transgender indoctrination books. Ask your child what their thoughts on, or what their teacher's thoughts on being a boy or girl are... you might find their answers very interesting. The activist lawyers led by Claire Hunter and Co., gave an entire binder to the judge and now the Attorney General that we have not been given access to. These are unfair practices and are tactics to silence concerned people who find this to be a dark, dark period in our history as girls and boys are able to mutilate their bodies before they can even legally have a beer... Let that sink in...this is where we are at. Apparently, we face 30 to 40 days in jail for telling the horrible truth. All of my content is completely, 100%, viewer supported and funded. Thank you for your kindness to keep information like this coming.

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