April 23, 2020

CPC Elites Are Destroying the Party & Barbara Findlay is Sending Porn

The left leaning "elites" of the CPC are destroying the Party. Remember when Andrew Scheer was shamed because of his expenses and Stephen Harper was "furious" and Dustin van Vugt was fired? Now the CPC have released the audit results and it's like "m'yeah … nothing to see here, everything is in order." These same leaders blame Andrew Scheer for not beating Trudeau because he was too "socially conservative" when the exact opposite is true. They have decided that the new leader will be Erin O'Toole or Peter MacKay... Here is my take on this... Plus a gentle heads up to lesbian lawyer Barbara Findlay whose computer seems to have a virus that is sending out soft-core porn sites to those she emails. Perhaps a VPN would prevent these viruses from taking hold. 🙌🤓 All of my content is completely, 100%, viewer supported and funded. Thank you for your kindness to keep information like this coming.

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