April 24, 2020

It's Time to Fire Dr. Fauci and Fire Dr. Tam

Here is my latest video on the uncovering of millions of $$ sent to the Wuhan lab under the control of Dr. Fauci and in Canada, Trudeau sent hundreds of thousands of $$ which helped create the crisis we are facing. Dr. Tam continues to mishandle the situation as she places her loyalty to the World Health Organization over the citizens of Canada. Where does her loyalty lie? It's time to fire Dr. Fauci … and … Dr. Theresa Tam.
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  1. I just discovered this woman and will definitely be supporting her!
    Thank you thank You!
    It is beyond wonderful to see someone in Canada questioning the stays quo it’s absolutely necessary!! What a Relief!

    I knew immediately and instinctively that this virus drama was a Plandemic. I can’t entirely explain how but it was obvious to me but this understanding has caused several friends and family to distance themselves from me...even more than the government mandated Social Distances. It’s sad, yes, but mostly I feel afraid for the Sheeple closest to me because they are completely hypnotized.

    One of my dearest friends proclaimed “Ill be first in line for the vaccine!” To hear him say that with such zeal truly broke my heart.

    This is the power of slow, sustained programming. People have been gradually led into all manner of belief systems, without questioning any of it.
    I cannot repeat enough ‘do your own thinking!’ Pull back for a moment. Look at the Big Picture. As many people who have died in Canada, due to Covid19, die in a weekend from acvidents, overdoses, illness etc etc. WHY is this so-called virus suddenly created so much concern for the Human Race?? It’s Unprecedented. The Elites don’t care about us, they clearly have an agenda (called Agenda 201 & ID 2030). They want most us dead, save a a few 500 mil or so, to serve their needs. Thats the real Endgame.

    1. Reading your comments I must say I can relate. I am 66 and have lost all friends but 2 and no family left either. It is truly a sad time indeed.

  2. You should declare yourself to not be suicidal

  3. Another side to the whole Covid Crisis no one seems to address is the impact two months plus of hardcore fear leading to stress, stress and more stress. An article here you might find interesting. https://www.canadiansentinel.com/2020/05/covid-19-fear-factor-leading-to-stress.html

  4. I thought you were gone. YouTube is junk anyway.
    So glad to find you here. You are among the best citizen journalists now that Trudeau bought the CBC. With our money.

  5. Am I correct in feeling that Laura Lynn and Rocco Gelati are Canadian heroes.

  6. i'm sick of it too and i refuse to be muzzled..i love what you stand for Laura-Lynn and i stand behind you as a fellow Canadian..thank the Lord that people are been educated and are telling others..i really admire Rocco and he has guts just like you! i love how you end your videos.."all is well" God bless you from Nova Scotia..