April 24, 2020

Meet Dr Leslyn Lewis Conservative Leadership Candidate

Meet Dr. Leslyn Lewis running for the Leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada. She has a Bachelor's Degree from the University of Toronto, from Trinity College she graduated Magna Cum Laude, has a Masters in Environmental Studies from York University, an MBA Concentration in Business and Environment from the Schulich School of Business and a Juris Doctorate from Osgoode Hall Law School and a PhD in Law from Osgoode Hall Law School. She immigrated with her hard working family from Jamaica when she was a wide-eyed five year old. They came because they loved Canada and wanted to serve this country. Leslyn did not know this would one day lead to putting her name forward to potentially run for the highest elected seat in the land. With incredible credentials she is strong on parental rights, pro-life, freedom of religion and conscience. This is her heart for this nation. Donate at: Go Get Funding Patreon E-Transfer to Email: lauralynnlive@gmail.com

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  1. Banned from YouTube for his views
    Dr. Rashid Buttar is the osteopathic physician and author best known for his views on Coronavirus and its management.