May 19, 2020

Let's Talk About The Call To Prayer with Darrell Furgason

There's something fairly bold and brazen about shouting out that your god is the one true god on loudspeakers for minutes per night in Canada where we are not an Islamic country. How will Canadians feel about this? When is the last time you heard a church bell due to the noise restrictions? How about we put Amazing Grace on a loudspeaker every night in honour of the One True God Jesus Christ? Many would not think to impose such an overreach, yet here we are with mayors and politicians bowing to those who pay them great dividends to promote political Islam. How do you fee about all of this? Is this really a "one time exemption for Ramadan during Covid-19"? Great discussion with Dr. Darrell Furgason who is highly educated and articulate in these matters. Thank you for joining me for this important dialogue. Please consider becoming a monthly partner for $20, $50 or $100 per month. Tax receipt available.
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  1. I see the anger of Mayor Tory. Ho loves to come back the position. Here is his recent interview with a Bangladeshi muslim TV interviewer.