June 26, 2020

Euthanasia - Exposing Death Advocates Who Fight Hard to Make it Easy to Die - Angelina Ireland

Tommy Douglas NP article: https://nationalpost.com/news/canada/tommy-douglas We shouldn't be surprised at the NDP's enthusiasm for making it easier to kill the unborn and the elderly. After all, their party was founded by Tommy Douglas, whose 1933 Masters Thesis advocated for eugenics. The Delta Hospice Society stands to protect Palliative Care in British Columbia. This little 10 bed Hospice refuses to allow euthanasia into its facility. They face opposition from every level of government intent on stealing their assets and a viscous group of euthanasia activists. Still they fight for Hospice Sanctuary to protect the most vulnerable. Please visit my page at www.lauralynn.tv to learn more and to support my work. These other avenues below are also available. Very grateful for your kindness to enable the truth to be told.
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