September 06, 2020

SHOCKING COVID LOCKDOWNS IN IRELAND - with DJ Spiral on Covid protests in Dublin, Ireland

We interview DJ Spiral about the recent Covid protest in Dublin, Ireland.

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  1. Laura-Lynn, you should watch the videos of Pastor David Lyn's preaching tour to Victoria and Vancouver. Can you feature him? His Youtube channel is christsforgiveness ministries. BC is so totalitarian. Christians here are passive. My child was taken and kept by MCFD and her rights to worship and see me, EVERYTHING, because we are Christians. She is very depressed. They break the law routinely here. RCMP is evil. You see the difference by watching David's videos from other places. One in 1,000 Christians are real here. Christ is last on their lists.


    Very interesting study covid19

  3. are most governments under the Chinese mandate? I can't believe that the Brits knelt down to them but I guess they did.Masks can't work...the holes are too big in the material. 10,000 virus on a needle tip. Shame