November 13, 2020

The Adventures of an Un-Masked Woman

Today, I will talk about some of my recent interaction with hotels and airlines with regard to masks.

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  1. Is this an old video? Election is over isn't it?


  2. I watched your clip on Eric Croomer. First time viewer. Just stumbled across your broadcast doing some research of my own. I am angry as well with the way my rights have been stolen. I recently lost my job for refusing to wear a mask do to spike in covid cases. Not one co-worker stood with me. I felt so alone. So jobless in a busted economy. I sure hope this corruption gets unmasked. I need President Trump to win. I've put it all on the line. I can only pray for strength. Glad I found you. Sorry I can't donate. I would still like to continue viewing and will definitely tell others about you. Thanks for the truth. Darin Speckner 🙏👊