January 28, 2021

Abuse of our Elderly in LTC Homes & Brace for Impact

Kimberly joins us to talk about her experiences in trying to see her mother who is a Long Term Care home. Ron Vaillant then talks to us about the WEF, Agenda 21, Agenda 2030, the build back better bunch and more.

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  1. How can the police do this?? I thought the police, are to be working for the people not Government??
    This is so terribly Wrong!!
    The church is Never to be shut down, unless this is Soviet union..
    People Should always be allowed to go to Church. Think I even read that in our constitutional rights.
    This is all B.S, what they are doing.
    Where are decent Doctors, Police, Politicians, to Stand up against all this B.S??? Killing our elderly is so Damn Wrong.

  2. I wanted to correct Ron Vaillant on what he said regarding the mark "666". In the scripture this mark will put in place by the "beast" "antichrist" figure who will insist on worship of him and if you don't receive the mark you will be not be able to buy or sell. This mark will be put on you right hand or your forehead. The antichrist figure and how you will identify this person will be that he will sign a covenant with Israel for 7 years and likely in that it will involve the rebuilding of the temple. At the 3 1/2 year mark that is when things will shift and the mark will come in to play. The vaccine is a precursor so be warned. God is now warning us with all that is happening that the end is near. The mark that I believe Ron is getting confused with is that Jesus marks 144,000 however this is not the mark that you will not be able to buy or sell with. So be careful. The church/believers will be raptured before the "antichrist" makes himself known so import the truth is accurate for those non believers that may turn to god during the tribulation period "7 or so years"

  3. They did this to 'flatten the curve' and to 'save Grandma', yet nobody is allowed to see their grandparents. How can people, like my neighbour (who I thought was a lot smarter than she is acting), not see the problem. Oh well. She said it's just the way it is now. She said it's no skin off her back to wear a mask if it saves lives. I told her it doesn't save lives. She said she doesn't care. She has ridiculed me from start to finish.

    But what I find the most concerning is the amount of Christians that are not standing up to fight this instead of just going along with it all for whatever EXCUSES they might have.