January 21, 2021

Farewell, Mr. President

We say goodbye to President Trump. A woman who lived through the Romanian revolution join us to discuss living through communism and the similarities she sees starting to happen in Canada.

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  1. HUMAN RIGHTS: Please have a look at my "STORY"... Romanian ACTRESS, PERSECUTED in "COMMUNIST" ROMANIA by the feared SECURITATE, only because she met in 1969 a West-German Engineer working in her Country, NOT WANTED in GERMANY, because of the SAME GERMAN, she had to marry, to ESCAPE !!!... A CASE of severe RACIAL DISCRIMINATION NOT ONLY HERS, BUT ALSO HIS !!!...
    She was fully IGNORED, KEPT in TOTAL POVERTY, in FEAR of BOTH COUNTRIES, with VISA, for 7,5 YEARS, OUTSIDE THEIR SOCIETY, inspite of having grown-up like a GERMAN, i.e. she had finished the GERMAN HIGH SCHOOL with a DIPLOMA, had married a German, with whom she had a CHILD, considered to be a "German", in the very first year of moving there, unfortunately a premature born, 80 % handicapped, who cannot work anymore etc.
    Both her GRAND-GRANDFATHERS fought against the "OTTOMAN EMPIRE", in 1877-78, i.e. against the "TURKS", who ATTACKED, OPPRESED and EXPLOITED the BALKANS, for about 600 Years...
    Her ENTIRE FAMILY suffered from the TWO WORLD WARS GERMANS MADE, GRANDFATHER being a German Prisoneer for nearly 3 Years, MOTHER and her Siblings becoming ORPHANS, at Christmas, in 1917, exactly when she turned to be 13..., and the 45 YEARS of RUSSIAN "COMMUNISM"... MY FAMILY WAS PERSECUTED, KICKED-OUT, an UNCLE put in JAIL !!!... THEY DIDN'T GET AN "APPPARTMENT", NOR A "CAR", NO "ADVANTAGE" NOR ANYTHING "FOR FREE"!!!... THEY WERE THOSE, TO BE TAKEN FROM THEM !!! Nevertheless my Parents helped the German local population, the GERMAN HIGH SCHOOL, during those terrible times... Still GERMANY categorized her as a simple "FOREIGNER"..., a Country calling herself to be "DEMOCRAT" and a "STATE OF RIGHT", WHILE DIVIDING PEOPLE IN "CATEGORIES"... If she would have married a COLLEAGUE, ANY KIND of "GERMAN", with some "GERMAN BLOOD" from ROMANIA, she would have entered "THE PARADiSE"..., BUT by having MARRYED A GERMAN, from WEST-GERMANY, became the HELL !!!... THEY DIDN'T RECOGNIZE HER ANY QUALITIES, NOT HER HIGH QUALIFICATION, STUDIES, PROFESSION, four Years SHE WORKED in Romania in ARTS, where she was a PERSONALITY, NOR the Fact that she could manage 7 - 8 FOREIGN LANGUAGES !!!...
    It's 51 Years by now, NOBODY WANTS TO KNOW or to HELP !!!...
    I have hundreds of PAGES written, in Romanian, in German, some in English..., want to publish a BOOK, to make a FILM...
    I have a Page on imdb, on Facebook (Walt Disney's Snow White as icon), in LinkedIn... Please have a look at and express yourself...