February 16, 2021

Are Canadians Beginning to see Trudeau's Incompetence?

We ask the question: Are Canadians beginnning to see Trudeau's Incompetence? We are joined by Pastor Marc Brisebois from Spruce Grove Community Church in Alberta.

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  1. "God Breathed into Man the Breath of Life..." - and when we stop breathing we die; and when breathing is restricted we get sick or worse!

  2. So, according to bonnie, we are doing this to protect the elderly, to keep them alive, but we aren't allowed to see them, so they can die of boredom and a broken heart? And many have, and do.

    And this African 'variant', this person that traveled TO AFRICA (essential travel, I'M SURE) didn't quarantine upon return? That sounds like a way and reason for 'them' to make the quarantine camps public knowledge.

    Don't get me wtong; I don't believe in any of it. Covid is all a lie. It's not about our health: it's all about control.