April 13, 2021

Dr. Charles Hoffe Sounds The Alarm

Dr. Hoffe has released an open letter to Dr. Bonnie Henry on his concerns. . 

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  1. Laura, is there an update after his Zoom meeting on the 14th?

  2. Yes, me too. I’ve been searching for anything in the news about this zoom call but so far it seems pretty quiet.

  3. A few people have asked me for updates!

  4. Someone I personally know had their vaccine yesterday and today is vomiting blood. She is about 60.

  5. Thank you. Dr. Hoffe is a wonderful, caring man. We need more like him in our world.
    I did share.
    Thanks again

  6. Russ Henry and others in the health region who placed a gag order on Dr. Hoffe are guilty of very serious crimes and they MUST be charged. When ANY doctor flags a situation that may be causing harm to patients, that warning MUST be dealt with in a forthright, professional manner. The people in this health region together with Henry MUST be brought to trial and required to explain their actions. This is homicide! No wonder Europe is setting up a second Nuremberg trial, charging people involved in this covid fraud with crimes against humanity. By the way, it also needs to be determined whether Henry and the health region personnel were acting independently or whether they were taking orders from others. If they were being ordered to gag Dr. Hoffe, then those doing the ordering MUST be charged and brought to public trial. THESE ARE CRIMES of the most sinister kind.

  7. My wife works at a nursing home and everything this doctor is saying is true. It is getting so out of control there that she will be quitting.

  8. Thank you laura lynn for helping humanity spreading the truth.
    I am from Europe immigrant and Catholic.
    Nobody in the Catholic Church speaks against the corrupted system( the government)you are the modern mother Teresa...I love your passion and honesty .God Bless you .We need people like you in this world ......bless your soul ; Mikael