April 21, 2021

Fertility Crisis?

We take a deep dive into very strange happenings with the vaccine rollout and women's menstrual cycles and infertility consequences for both men and women. And we are joined by a woman who talks about how hospitals are trying to re-cycle and re-used used masks. More information: Adverse Vaccine Effects on Unvaccinated Women 

SEE LINKS BELOW FOR MORE INFORMATION: https://www.bitchute.com/video/8yzuUA5UY7E0/ 

Women Having Unusual Menstrual Cycles/Miscarriages After Being Vaccinated Or Near A Vaxed Person:


Should We Stay Away From Those That Have Committed Vaccine Suicide? Virus Shedding Will Kill Vaxxed: 


MADDIE'S STORY - The slow murder of a child by Covid19 test vaccination (KidCove Study):


DISTURBING! Pfizer Vaccine Zoomed w/ Microscope?! Are Living Cells/ Organisms Mixed In?!: 


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