April 23, 2021

Time to Walkback the Lockdowns

Time to Walkback the Lockdowns Doug Ford caves on his extreme lockdown measures, Trudeau continues to allow flights from India while you cannot go see your kids if they are outside of your health region. Makes sense right? Pastor George Antonios from Montreal is here to talk to us about what is going on in Montreal. . 

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  1. I have a serious question. My neighbor is getting radiation treatments to fight cancer. Doctors convinced her to get the first shot. She had a bad reaction and never wanted it before. But will we be at risk to be around her in the future with 1 shot, since she’s not going to get the 2nd? Thanks!

  2. Your google based comment section will filter out any truth that tries to enter your site.

  3. Hey!... that comment worked!... then lets try this... Because Justin was not properly adopted by Pierre after his mother and step-father visited visited Cuba during conception: https://ugetube.com/watch/of-course-fidel-castro-is-justin-trudeau-s-dad_hLzIqSxwKyqzo9R.html Justin hates his life as a faker, thus he hate Canada and wants to destroy the unsworn people who pay him such a lush lifestyle. So, Justin joined the Mystery School Cult of thUgs who want an A.I. supercomputer to take-over all decision-making for all countries. This is the NWO that Marice Strong also served.