May 13, 2021

Survive and Thrive

Today, we will talk about our instinct for surivival and the ability to thrive in turbulent times. Raoul Emile will talk about how his mom overcame Covid-19. 

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  1. I like your position with mask. I mean, liberty and mask can exist together. I wanna join the rally, protest but want to have mask on. I hope rally organizer can recognize this and won't throw too much negativity toward the masked. By doing this, media can no longer label this as anti-mask, to be the least. They have to at least report the true nature of this protests.

    1. Its all about choice. The rallyers dont care if you mask, as long as you have your freedom to choose.

  2. I cry... and Im only at the spot where they are showing the mosques

  3. In Nova Scotia the government got a court injunction to halt the anti-mask rally scheduled to take place in Halifax on Saturday, and a Nova Scotia Supreme Court Justice granted it. We are in the middle of a very restrictive lockdown this month. They have fined church-goers and the church itself. It's tyranny! Never would have believed this could happen in Canada! Thank your for your informative videos, and I pray the Bill restricting your broadcasts will not pass. Please keep going, Laura-Lynn! You guest today was amazing! Thank you to Raoul!