June 16, 2021

American Political Commentator and Author Armstrong Williams

American political commentator Armstrong Williams will join us to talk about the Capitol Hill riots, the recent G7 Summit, Vice-President Harris’ job performance and Trump going to the border before either Biden or Harris.

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  1. https://odysee.com/@Trump_Won_2020:b/How-to-save-the-world,-in-three-easy-steps---CCP-virus-COVID-vaxxine-convo-with-Brett-Weinstein,-Dr-Robert-Malone-and-Steve-Kirsch-06.10.21:6?

    1. This guy invented the mRNA vaccine. And speaks out against this vaccine. The whole 3 hours is good but watch the 2 hour and 20 minute mark. Both yhe doctors took the vaccine but now from what we learned are now speaking out against it.