August 11, 2021

You Can’t Make This Stuff Up

Today our guest is Dr. Peter McCullough. Dr. McCullough is being sued by Baylor Scott & White a Texas-based health system, for allegedly misrepresenting himself as a spokesperson for BSWH during an interview in which he expressed his expert opinion and listed his concerns on the coronavirus vaccines. 

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  1. Laura Lynn .. please read the exact words that Hinshaw said...buried in her easing of restrictions is cleverly placed "enhanced security measures, wastewater security and other measures" to deal with hotspots...they are only changing tactics to get the pens(corrals) smaller and more easily managed and enforced. This is not the freedom that many seem to be duped by. Listen to David Dickson on Angry Albertan on his take about this. People are not reading or hearing what she really said. Treating covid like Flu or is it more like treating Flu like covid!! They are just implementing next step of more localized control!!

  2. Hello Laura , You're a feisty spirit too,. How wonderful ! This Evil thrust upon us is worse than just that.We can't thrash these people on our own.We must be a collective. Let Truth be our captain. God be our guide and strenth. Be strong. Don't stop..