September 09, 2021

Pastor Rene McIntyre

Pastor Rene McIntyre joins us to talk about the Canadian church in crisis. 

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  1. They are the tares mixed in my sister's. They are receiving themselves. Children of satan.plain and simple.

  2. Absolutely shocked that there is only one other comment. I want to listen again and this time take notes and will comment again once i have had time to contemplate all the words of wisdom from Pastor Rene McIntyre. I do want to apologize to all the woman in the world as a man for letting you down in our role as biblical teachers. We have truly failed as appointed leaders to our family's and or flock's. Thank God he has sent woman like you Lara Lynn and you Rene to stand tall with the Spirit of Truth and stand against the evil deception roaming this earth. Pastor Rene, One comment i would like to share with you. I have heard many people reference Matthew 24:24 "even the elect will be deceived, if that were possible". Many people like to use this line but leave out the ending which some suggest it is not possible to deceive the elect. (i was guilty also). Recently I have had on my heart that i have been misinterpreting the ending of this verse. Now and more over, after listening to your story with some pastors in your area promoting the jab i think what God was saying with His words "if it were possible", is that there is "no elect" no not one. We all fall short of this title no matter how smart and righteous we think or others think we are. Great words, thank you for your time and this interview. God's Blessings to you both!