October 29, 2021

Former Covid Patient Says “They’re Killing People”

Matthew Robson will then talk about his hospital experience as a covid patient. 

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  1. Veterinary ivermectin is not exclusively for horses, but other animals as well. It's probably best practice to just call it veterinary ivermectin. Nonetheless, it's ivermectin. 10mg per mL for the subcutaneous liquid form (which people are taking orally according to dosing protocols).

    1. I'm not endorsing the use of any particular product. But the idea that the veterinarian medicine is inferior or more dangerous, I haven't seen support for. Isn't the issue appropriate dosing? Other concerns worth considering are potential quality control issues with animal-grade vs human grade, as well as additives. People need to use their brains.

  2. My heart fell listening to this. I, too, was hospitalized and there was no room for informed consent. My symptoms started on Oct 1st when I was legally required to isolate as per AHS regulations. I was officially tested positive for Covid on October 5th. The real nightmare began Oct. 7 with a horrific paramedic/hospital experience where I was sent home with nothing. Finally, after a secondary infection surfaced, I was sent on Oct. 10th to a larger hospital. Prior to leaving the small hospital, I had severe fever (and consequently have many memory lapses) and was asked by the attending physician what measures I would consent to. I was so very sick at that point. I wondered if I was dying from a fever. I told the doctor that my sister was the person named to make decisions on my behalf in my personal directive. The doctor told me that because I was present and talking to her I needed to answer for myself. In the moment, I was thinking that I had a horrific fever so they might need to give me a tepid bath, give me Tylenol, maybe put a fan on me....I said to do what they needed. I was airlifted to the larger hospital many hours away from my home and was isolated in the Covid ward, although I am thankful I never had to be sent to ICU. I was getting all sorts of medications, including blood thinners, antibiotics, and was given Regencov (my sister only learned about this after the fact and I only realized I was given it after I was released from hospital). I was too sick to give informed consent. I just really wish that doctors could/would have treated early with Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine (along with my regimen of vitamins which were never given after entering the hospital) rather than being sent home alone to get worse. Without doubt, the staff at the larger hospital were compassionate and caring. I just wonder what they could have done if their hands were not tied by the current AHS protocols.