October 18, 2021

I Gave My Dad Ivermectin to Save His Life

My father just got out of the hospital. I will detail my experiences in dealing with nurses and doctors and how I gave my dad Ivermectin when the hospital wouldn’t. 

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  2. I used to commonly have symptoms of what I called improper fluid distribution through my system, from overwork, indigestion, twisting a part of the body more than it was supposed to or used to (just hit my knee sideways, terribly painful). I looked like the picture of Laura-Lynns' father numerous times from 20 to 30 years ago. For twenty years I have been eating dried fruit or fruit juice type snacks which have a jelly type consistency and probably contain a large component of fruit pectin. It seems to block the fluid movement so I get over pain more quickly. It is also purely food intake. The Ivermectin described as a useful treatment in the news has a large component of polypropylene glycol, which I believe is used in vehicle radiators to stop leaking of the cooling system. Possibly the additive in Ivermectin behaves like a stop leak in the body as well. I would rather eat natural food derived products, if they produce a similar end result. It also seems to lessen the symptoms of a cold or flu. It does not require a Doctors' involvement. The name Ivermectin could be an indicator that they were trying to produce a medication which replicates the observed effects of fruit pectin within the body, but salable as a pharmacy medication.

  3. Thank you Laura-Lynn for every post and everything that you do to help fight for our freedom.