November 10, 2021

Do They Think We’re Stupid?

The ‘Vitamin D Doctor’ Dr. David Grimes joins us to talk about ways to fortify your immune system during Covid/Flu season. Sesame Street and CNN are in collusion to literally poison your kids with vaccines. An Australian doctor has his patient files seized by the government. Health Canada issues a warning about auto-immune disorders related to certain vaccines. 

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  1. Yup you're pretty stupid. As witnessed by the antivaxxer clowns disrupting Remembrance Day. My Dad who was a WW2 Vet concurs

  2. CNN's injection shill "Dr." Gupta should hang his head in shame. I wonder what the late Muppets creator Jim Henson would think about this lie fest? Using his creation as propaganda to harm/maim/kill children. BTW--He sold the Muppets to Disney. 'Nuf said. Get your shots kids. Boys! Put on your dresses.

  3. Poor Dr. Grimes. He now has to swallow bottles full of Vit. D every day. (I'm exaggerating.) All the while admitting that this injection reduces natural immunity--W/ every dose. But; he need to travel w/ his family. Crazytown.

    1. It appears he is in denial about the adverse effects of the injections.

  4. When is the next rally in Vancouver BC?

  5. He does not mention the spike protein in all the injections. Also, the fact that the injections were created with aborted cell lines.

  6. Does anyone know the date of the rally in Vancouver BC? It is either November 21st or 22nd.

  7. Dr. Grimes needs to actually research what is in the vaxs. But he doesn't want too because he wants to travel more! CoVid 19 has proven to be Graphene Oxide and it's in all vaccines, masks and CPR test swabs. He really is in denial. Nothing to see hear, but he is right to take high doses of Vitamin D.