November 02, 2021

Media Can No Longer Hide Breakthrough Cases

We will talk to a mother of 3 who was vaccine hesitant but because of social and media pressures got vaccinated. She was diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy 3 days after her 1 shot. After receiving her 2nd shot, she has burn like lesions on her skin, internal and external body aches and migraines for 3 weeks. 

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  1. Our world leaders have signed a contract with satan. They have sold the souls of billions of people who trust them to act in their best interests. Satan is blinding people to the horrors happening around them. They can't understand the double speak around promoting a shot that killed a loved one.
    I was not a believer for most of my life. But one day I saw the truth in Jesus and God's words in the Bible. The Bible answers all the questions of or origins and why we are the way we are. Even why the moon is and earth are so different than others in our universe. Uni means one. There is only one universe and we are the only life in the universe. Satan has been fooling the masses forever with the exact same line he used on Eve. "Ye shall not surely die." "Your eyes will be open and ye shall be as God." It works almost every time.

    Thank you for all the good work you do and the much needed truth you give to all who will listen.

    I will not comply.

  2. the jab was aproved for 5-12 years under Emergency use authoriztion but there is no emergency

  3. So very sorry to hear of your dad's passing. Hugs to you and your family.