It's time to let our voices be heard and make a stand against the indoctrination of our children on ideologies that we do not support! Join me and guests at the Parliament Buildings in Victoria on April 23rd at 11:00 am to rise up and say enough is enough! #TheRise

My friends and fellow soldiers in the fight against the sex activist curriculum, Activist Mommy in the USA, Elizabeth Johnston and PoliticalPostingMumma, Marijke Rancie in Australia are joining together to have a SEX ED SIT OUT ON APRIL 23rd. Folks around the world are refusing to take this sitting down! Here in Canada, what do you think about joining them in this initiative?
Science rules...until it disproves a random ideology that has seized our secular society... then it is completely discounted. The struggle of a mental health issue such as Gender Dysphoria is deserving of compassion, kindness and attention with real help from trained professional doctors. It is not to be taught as a celebratory state of mind to all children. Stop the madness of this indoctrination.


Canadians are a non-combative bunch...we prefer to live and let live, but apparently our enemies of traditional and religious freedoms have chosen NOT to respect our beliefs. We either stand now or be crushed under the weight of their tyranny.
I'm interested in your thoughts, moms and dads, grandparents and all standers for truth...will you  join the SEX ED SIT OUT?


  1. What would Jesus do but gather the little ones unto Himself with love and compassion.

    Love is the only answer and Love is Jesus. Love begets Love. Jesus begets Love. Love begets Jesus.

    Father of a transgender child: "I go to bed every night with this pit in my stomach because of this group of nasty people who are saying such horrible things and spreading so much misinformation about kids like my son,"

    "It bugs me. Our kids need a safe, secure and inclusive school to go to."

  2. Laura Lynn, I'm watching you on 700 club or whatever that shoe is on you know I'm 36 turning 37 on April first.
    I think I could be Janiha king lol so wierd but I have been on a crazy inspirational radical being. Loving it.

  3. One last thing, I have an acquired head injury, n have met some strangers who are going to help me get the word of my Mother Nature n not the universe. I'm not crazy eh? I feel unstoppable. Except the funds. But I guess it is altho I do trust

  4. I am on the side of Laura Lynn, so can someone please explain what the crazy stuff other commenters on this page are saying. All the "unknown" commenters are only trying to press confusion into the issue.

    I digress; keep moving forward, Laura Lynn. You have the Word of God to guide you, and the Kingdom of God to support you. I pray that God makes a way to crush His enemies openly, and to crush the ones who are placing sick, perverted sexual thoughts in our children's heads and hearts.