29 November 2023

Misinformation, Disinformation: Who Should Get To Decide?

Andrew Bartolo the Director of Operations for Liberty Coalition Canada joins us today to talk about the left’s obsession with controlling the information you are allowed to hear. Our Prime Minister has recently signed on with the European Union in an effort to combat what they call online disinformation. Children’s book author Shefflorn Ballantyne joins us in the second half to talk about his book ‘No Dress for Timmy’. The book places power in the hands of children to help them with the principles needed to fight these Satanic ideologies even in the absence of their parents.

How Obama Disastrously Transformed the United States

American Author Scott McKay will be here to help us to understand that some of the chaos we are seeing in the United States was implemented by Barack Obama. He shows how by guile, dishonesty, ruthlessness - and, yes, surface charm - as well as boundless support from a starstruck media, a man with without prior achievement and despite connections to some of the most notorious figures in American life, was able to reach the nation's highest office; and then abuse his power for ends wholly alien to the American creed.

Net Zerø is Communism: 15 Minute Cities

Lawyer Lisa Miron joins us today to talk about a serious threat to our liberties: 15 minute cities. We will talk about how the mayors of your towns, may already have enrolled your cities into schemes that will act as shadow governments who will limit your meat intake, limit the amount of clothes you can buy and how much you are allowed to fly in a year. It’s scary stuff and it’s real.

Dr. Charles Hoffe on Pure Global Evil

Today, we are joined by Dr. Charles Hoffe. We will talk about the abandonment of medical ethics and the dangers of the transgender movement in ending genetic lines of families.

24 November 2023

Crisis In The Canadian Justice System

Kings Counsel Leighton Grey joins us today to talk about the injustice in our justice system. Since 2020, Leighton has acted as lead counsel in several high profile Constitutional cases, including James Coates & Grace Life Church, Timothy Stephens and his Church in Calgary, the Lockdown challenge involving Dr. Deena Hinshaw that declared all health orders in AB illegal, and many vaccine mandate cases involving CN, CP, AHS, The University of Winnipeg, The University of Alberta, Mount Royal University, The Salvation Army, BDC, and others.

Ontario City Councillor Financially Sanctioned

Pickering, Ontario City Councillor Lisa Robinson joins us today. Lisa recently presented 3 draft motions at city council to allow genders to use their own biological bathrooms, make Drag Queen and Pride events age appropriate of 18+ and to not raise the pride flag because government officials are to remain neutral and not place the interests of one group above another. Because of this, Lisa has lost 90 days of pay.

21 November 2023

The J6 Narrative is Crumbling

Today we are joined by former West Virginia legislator and J6 prisoner Derrick Evans. With the release of all the footage from January 6th, we are finally able to see for ourselves what happened that day, and the footage prompts more questions than answers.

The Truth About Israel & Hamas

Dr. Sheila Nazarian joins us today to talk about the ongoing conflict between Hamas and Israel.

20 November 2023

Gaza; Largest Open-Air Prison?

Meir Weinstein joins us today to talk about the ongoing conflict between Hamas and Israel. He will help dispel some of the myths about Israel that are amplified on social media.

16 November 2023

Can Pfizer Be Sued?

Bio-Tech analyst and med-legal advisor Karen Kingston joins us today to discuss whether mRNA manufacturers like Pfizer can be sued for their faulty vaccines.