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15 May 2023

The Hidden Healthcare Crisis

Documentary producers Danielle Pistilli and Alicia Johnson and Dr. York Hsaing will join us today to talk about their documentary “The Hidden Healthcare Crisis” and the challenges facing our medical system with vaccine mandates.

Canadian Society for Science & Ethics in Medicine:

8 May 2023

Covid or Covenom with Dr. Bryan Ardis

Dr. Bryan Ardis makes a fascinating presentation showing the links to COVID and the existence of different venoms that are showing up in COVID-19 patients.

Ardis Labs:

Covenom Series:

27 March 2023

Live with Pascal Najadi

Triple vaccinated retired banker, Swiss and UK citizen, Pascal Najadi has filed a civil lawsuit with the US Supreme Court in the state of New York against the FDA, Pfizer and Swiss president Alain Berset, who was formerly Switzerland’s minister of health.

Pascal Fundraising Link: