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25 May 2021

Freelance Journalist Lee Harding

Freelance journalist Lee Harding, from Saskatchewan, will join us to talk about lockdowns, the virus, UFO's and everything in-between!

Canada's Security with Tom Quiggin

Security expert Tom Quiggin walks us through some of the security concerns that are currently facing Canada, in the middle of Provincial and Federal lockdowns.

28 April 2021

It's A Mad, Mad World

Mark Friesen will pop-in to talk about his convoy's journey to Vancouver. Dr. Stephen Malthouse and Michele Smith join me to talk about what COVID cases truly mean, and the stresses the government is applying through it's ridiculous lockdown measures.

23 April 2021

Time to Walkback the Lockdowns

Doug Ford caves on his extreme lockdown measures, Trudeau continues to allow flights from India while you cannot go see your kids if they are outside of your health region. Makes sense right? Pastor George Antonios from Montreal is here to talk to us about what is going on in Montreal.

9 April 2021

Lockdown Smackdown

We take a look at this weekend's rallies in Edmonton and Calgary, Pastor Art Pawlowksi goes viral, and conservatives wise up to who Erin O'Toole really is... or isn't.