31 March 2022

Crazy World, Crazy Times!

Talking to you today about many recent stories, including Doug Ford's praises of Trudeau, Disney's new agenda for "queerness", and how the Left is after your kids.

30 March 2022

How Trudeau Lost the Trust of an Entire Country (with Tom Quiggin)

Tom Quiggin is a former military intelligence officer, former RCMP intelligence contractor, and a court-appointed expert in counter terrorism for both the federal and criminal courts in Canada.

Courageous Cops & James Topp's #MarchForFreedom

Today, I speak with James Topp, a Canadian Armed Forces veteran who is currently walking across Canada on a #MarchForFreedom

Mark Friesen and Rolando Chrystal also join me to discuss their job resignations due to unlawful treatment of fellow citizens because of COVID-19 mandates.

26 March 2022

COVID: What are they putting in our bodies? (with Dr. Amandha Vollmer)

Dr. Amandha Vollmer joins me on the show today to discuss facts or fiction about the Covid “virus,” her experience in Naturopathic medicine, and potential parasites being uncovered in autopsies from the jab. Dr. Vollmer holds a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine and a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Biotechnology.

Visit Dr. Amandha Vollmer’s Website for more information: https://yummy.doctor/

24 March 2022

Dr. Scott Jensen: "WE NEED TO DO BETTER!"

Today, I have the absolute pleasure of speaking with Dr. Scott Jensen, a family physician who has been a leading voice against Draconian public health measures in Minnesota, and who has been recently inspired by his “Maverick” spirit to run for Governor of Minnesota. In the last few years, Dr. Jensen has been a voice of reason, to tell the truth, and to not be intimidated by those who are influenced politically and un-scientifically.

Visit Dr. Jensen’s website to get involved and donate towards his campaign: https://drscottjensen.com/


23 March 2022

The Vaccine War Continues (With Dr. Peter McCullough)

I have the pleasure of speaking with Dr. Peter McCullough again, who joins me today to discuss the most recent news regarding COVID-19 “vaccines,” and Pfizer’s latest documents. Chief of the Division of Nutrition and Preventative Medicine, epidemiologist and cardiologist, Dr. McCullough has been very outspoken against the usage and promotion of COVID-19 “vaccines” for both adults and children, and has instead taken a stance in promoting safe and effective early treatment protocols for patients.


Future Food Shortages, and Trudeau's Latest Plan

Today, I am joined by Sondra Martin Hicks, here to talk to me about future of the North American Food System, and her experiences around the world in food scarce environments, such as my birth country of Uganda. Also, the latest news erupts about Trudeau and Singh's newly formed alliance to further their agenda.

Please visit Sondra's website to learn more about growing your own food, planning for a food uncertain future, and to watch the various documentaries she is producing: https://heartstonenetwork.com/

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21 March 2022

Live with Dr. Bryan Ardis

Dr. Bryan Ardis, whom I met in San Diego a few weeks ago, joins me to talk about many current topics today, including: Artur Pawlowski, Remdesivir and more Covid News!

Follow Dr. Ardis by visiting his website at the link here: https://thedrardisshow.com/

Sunday Freedom Worship

This Sunday, March 27, there is a new Freedom Worship Rally in Pitt Meadows! I will be conferencing in near the end of the worship, but it is going to be an evening full of light, life, and most importantly, God. We cannot wait to see you there!

Time: March 27th, 6pm

Place: Vancouver Revival Centre, 19040 Lougheed Hwy, Pitt Meadows

20 March 2022

Canadians are NOT DONE Fighting by a Long Shot!

Today, Jim Torma and I discuss recent news about the lies of Hunter Biden's laptop, VAERS reports, mandates, truckers, and men continuing to win in women's sports.