1 September 2023

Live With Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg

Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg joins us today to educate us in stopping the next pandemic attempt in it’s tracks. He challenges prevailing narratives and encourages fearless thinking and says we must be aware of a war being waged against freedom and democracy itself.

Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg: http://www.false-pandemics.com/

31 August 2023

Live With Dr. Charles Hoffe

Dr. Hoffe was one of the first Canadian doctors to blow the whistle on large scale mRNA vaccine injuries. As a family doctor in Lytton, BC, he has worked as a rural and emergency room physician for more than 30 years. As a result of his outspokenness, he has lost his ER room privileges and had his income slashed in half. He is currently in the process of suing Interior Health for wrongful suspension.

The Prather Brief: https://americanmediaperiscope.com

30 August 2023

Laura-Lynn at Battle For Canada in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

"You all know that we all win in the end?... You know when you see God come through, you build something inside your soul and you know that he is able to take care of things." Laura-Lynn, in true LL style inspires, enlivens, and invigorates us with the hope that can only be found in our Hope and Faith in God. "It says in verse 13, the Lord laughs at the wicked for He knows that their day is coming. If God is laughing, we don't need to be crying. If God's got this, then I choose to trust Him in the middle of all of this mess. If God is God, then we are in good hands, and it is gonna be just fine. And if this is what the apocalypse looks like, I intend to have the time of my life and I hope you're gonna join me in that.

25 August 2023

Live With Major Jeffrey Prather

Retired special operations soldier, Major Jeffrey Prather joins us today and will talk about the deep state’s involvement in child trafficking and how we can help stop it.

The Prather Brief: https://americanmediaperiscope.com

24 August 2023

Citizens Outraged In The Middle Of The Fires

Stef and Jorne will tell us what it was like up in the Shuswap during the forest fires.

The Narrative Shall Not Be Challenged

Former Toronto Police officer Donald Best joins us to talk about a shocking story coming out of Ottawa. A Ottawa police detective is being charged with an unauthorized investigation into a potential connection between mothers’ mRNA Covid Vaccine injections and 9 Sudden Infant Deaths.

23 August 2023

BC’s Armageddon Fires & The Next Pandemic With Andrew Kaufman

Dr. Andrew Kaufman joins us to talk about the renewed calls for mandates and mask wearing because of a new ‘scary’ COVID variant that has been loosed upon the land. The people in the interior of BC are facing catastrophic losses due to massive forest fires. We will talk to Kyle Cardinal and some homeowners about what is happening on the ground there.

Andrew Kaufman: http://www.andrewkaufmanmd.com/

21 August 2023

Live with Rick Abbott

Rick Abbott is a Staff Sergeant in the Edmonton Police Service who was forced into early retirement for attending the Milk River and Coutts protests on his personal time. He wanted to find out for himself which media sources were being honest about what was happening on the ground.

The Rude Awakening

James Grundvig from AMP News joins us to talk about getting old school thinkers to wake up and take a look around and ask themselves serious questions about the Covid pandemic, election meddling, and financial manipulation which is robbing their purchasing power. James Ottar Grundvig is a first generation Norwegian-American, who lives and works in New York City. As an investigative journalist, he covers technology, sustainability, energy and business, and their intersections. Vlad Tepes joins us in the second half of the show to talk about a shocking hearing being held in Ottawa to try and stop a police detective from investigating a cluster of SIDS deaths and their possible connection to the vaccination status of the mothers.

RAIR Foundation: http://www.rairfoundation.com/

Vlad Tepes: http://www.vladtepesblog.com/

AMP News: http://www.ampnews.us/

17 August 2023

Live with Dr. Roger Hodkinson

Dr. Roger Hodkinson joins us today to talk about how we can take back control of our own health and what to look out for as we head back into the flu season. Steve Merrill from Sun City Silver & Gold will be here to talk about the future of fiat currency, Central Bank Digital Currencies, and why Gold & Silver have had monetary value for centuries.

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