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12 September 2022

LIVE from Calgary - Let Freedom Reign Tour

Let Freedom Reign - Medicine Hat

Hello, Medicine Hat! We are coming to a city near you in Alberta and B.C. and you don't want to miss it!

On The Road To Medicine Hat

Day 3 of our tour finds us on our way to Medicine Hat, Alberta.

Keeping Children Away From Their Mother

This mother has been separated and not given access to see her children for months. False information has been given and gone unchecked or verified. Gross mis-handling of a family case has left a mother devastated without her being able to see her children. Ontario Children Services gets an epic fail in their handling of this case.

6 September 2022

Live From South Dakota - The Journey Home

Canadian officials spin up the vaccine propaganda machine again, and we give Zuckerberg credit for telling the truth about censoring the Hunter Biden story and the request of the FBI.