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2 June 2023

Maxime Bernier at Portage La Prairie

Maxime Bernier is the only political leader who understands the battle that parents are facing in the sexualization of their children.

23 May 2023

The Women of Portage-Lisgar are Fighting Against Child Porn in Libraries

Christine Ronceray and Jennifer are mothers who discovered extremely disturbing and explicit books in the children’s section of the library. These books are in every library potentially across Canada. Your children are not safe. These books violate the criminal code of Canada. Here is what you can do.

22 May 2023

The Next Generation of Freedom Fighters

At the recent Great Canadian Awakening Event, I had a chance to sit down and talk to Nathaniel Pawlowski and Josh Alexander. These are two young men who are picking up the torch of freedom and carrying it forward.

Maxime Bernier Comes Out Swinging Against Abortion

Max talks about the need to have laws to protect the unborn in a civilized country. He also talks about wanting to present the motion he will present in Parliament to end late-term abortion.