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  1. this scripturally inspired message is for Laura Lynne

  2. I know in my heart that this is the way, the only peaceful and honorable way, to make them the owners of the gallows they themselves created. We need our Standing, which is Common law and a jury of OUR peers.. please contact and debate with Christopher James, and we can all hold the light.. on them.


    Trudeau the tyrant forced to face his crime violations at the E.U. yesterday.

  4. Hello, I received an incorrect direction that assumed your domain name was not properly described in the nameserver documents. Please have your web developer or ISP check to ensure that when someone just types "", they are directed to your full web site at

    1. Producer here - thank you for the suggestion. We have marked this website to be redirected to https when typing in - should hopefully not be a problem in the future.

  5. Absolutely LOVE you and your show - ALWAYS so informative and true. Can I ask you to try do a program with a Doctor that talks about the shedding of the proteins from a vaxed person to an unvaxed PLEASE. I'm quite freaked out about this. I am unvaxed, but my partner is vaxed. :( PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE


  7. Please watch this! A powerful message. I know with you love and faith in God you will love this message. If this does not wake anyone up nothing will. God bless you and thank you for fighting for us.

  8. Hi Laura, I just wanted to write this and say "THANK YOU" for the work that you are doing in bringing the truth and "real" news to people, which is something that we get precious little of from mainstream media.
    I can tell from watching your videos that the state of the world, and the sate Canada, is in is very distressing to you, as it is me. but as the bible says ' With great wisdom, comes great sorrow" I think back to my grandparents time, and even my parents time, who have all been deceased for quite a few years, they would never have imagined in their wildest dreams, that Canada would ever be in the sorry state it is in today.
    Trudeau's internet censorship bill , if it passes the senate would try to silence those who speak the truth, which goes against the government narrative, such as Rebel News, True North, Atlantic Underground, yourself as well as others. This is North Korea, China style politics. A German writer by the name of Johann Heinrich, wrote in the eighteen-hundreds, " Where they burn books, they will someday burn people" I think the word "books" could also mean any information on the internet, tv, radio etc. that goes against the government narrative .I remember when I was about twelve( many years ago ), I heard the word "communism" someplace, and asked my dad, what it meant , he said that in a communist country people weren't able to say or write anything the government didn't like, they weren't allowed to go to the church of their choosing, he said they burnt down churches, he said you weren't allowed to own guns...and I thought I'm sure glad I don't live in a communist country, but it seems the communist country has come to me.
    Keep up the good fight Laura, it's not easy I know, but if it was easy, GOD wouldn't need brave strong, intelligent people like you.


  9. I sent you an email- POLIO, LENTIVIRUS (HIV) and POX (MONKEYPOX) in Vaccines/drugs

  10. I'm trying to locate the full video of the doctor you recently interviewed regarding the covid "vaccine" actually being a bio weapon. I watched the 2 minute abbreviated video just now on Twitter but would like to see all of it.

    Dr. David Martin currently has a lawsuit in progress regarding this same topic and several key players responsible. I believe there is overwhelming evidence that this worldwide crusade to force these shots is actually the biggest crime against humanity in history. The people responsible (politicians, medical "experts"...) for pushing this narrative on the gullible citizens of the world MUST be held accountable.

    Thanks Laura!