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12 September 2022

LIVE from Calgary - Let Freedom Reign Tour

Let Freedom Reign - Medicine Hat

Hello, Medicine Hat! We are coming to a city near you in Alberta and B.C. and you don't want to miss it!

On The Road To Medicine Hat

Day 3 of our tour finds us on our way to Medicine Hat, Alberta.

Keeping Children Away From Their Mother

This mother has been separated and not given access to see her children for months. False information has been given and gone unchecked or verified. Gross mis-handling of a family case has left a mother devastated without her being able to see her children. Ontario Children Services gets an epic fail in their handling of this case.

6 September 2022

Live From South Dakota - The Journey Home

Canadian officials spin up the vaccine propaganda machine again, and we give Zuckerberg credit for telling the truth about censoring the Hunter Biden story and the request of the FBI.

Coming Home To Canada – 20 Day Tour!

We’re on our way back to begin our 20 day tour starting September 7, in Edmonton. See you there!

Ex-Marine Talks About Gun Grabbers

Pastor Scarlett’s mission at His Glory Ministry is simple: Feed and equip those who seek to bring light into a dark world, and provide Bibles, food, and clothing for the elderly and poor around the globe. Pastor Dave Scarlett is also a top speaker at Clay Clark's ReAwaken America Tour, and he baptizes thousands at each event.

Pastor Dave and His Glory Ministry have teamed up to fund and distribute the Nick Searcy film "Capitol Punishment," which is available on:


Sudden Death Cover-Up!

Tiago Henriques, the creator of Died Suddenly News, a Facebook group which charts the alarming rise of unknown causes of death, joins me on the program today.

Visit the Facebook page:

1 September 2022

Let Freedom Reign Tour!

“It’s time to talk about all of it! The pandemic of lies, the source behind the covert agenda, carried out by multiple nations of the world… simultaneously. It’s time to expose how we got here and what to do now. Join Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson, Salim Mansour, Sean Taylor, Alma Rivera, Eliseo Ibarra, with special guest, Dr. Roger Hodkinson (for select dates only), for an evening that you do not want to miss!”

We are back on the road again - making our way through Alberta and BC! We cannot wait to see you there!

Event venues and times are listed below


    • Church In The Vine, 12345 149th St., T5L 2J5
    • Guest: Dr. Roger Hodkinson
    • Spruce View Community Hall, 2127 AB-54, T0M 1V0
    • Wyndham Garden Centre, 954 7th St. SW, T1A 7R7
    • Southside Victory Church, 6402 1a St. SW, T2H 0G6
    • The Saskatoon Farm, 20-80181 338 Ave. E, T1S 4S3
    • Alliance Church, 1200 Kootenay St. N., V1C 5X1
    • Grace Christian Fellowship, 2461 Cedar St., V0B 1G5
  • TRAIL: 7 PM
    • The Hall, 1650 McLean St., V1R 1Z2
    • GEM Theatre, 257 Market Ave., V0H 1H0
    • Sandman Hotel, 939 Burnaby Ave. W, V2A 1G7
    • Guest: Dr. Roger Hodkinson
    • Sandman Hotel, 2103 Harvey Ave., V1Y 6G8
    • Guest: Dr. Roger Hodkinson
    • Sherry's Property, 1584 Reservoir Road, V0E 1B8
    • Guest: Dr. Roger Hodkinson
    • BARNHARTVALE COMMUNITY HALL - 7390 Barnhartvale Rd.
    • Guest: Dr. Roger Hodkinson
  • (BONUS) 100 MILE HOUSE: 11:30 AM - 2PM
    • 100 Mile House Baptist Church, 5495 Tatton Station Rd
    • University of Northern BC, 8-166, 3333 University Way, V2N 4Z9
    • Guest: Dr. Roger Hodkinson

Please arrive early as to ensure that you receive a spot in the event. There may be a small donation required to enter to help with the rental fee for the venue.

ALSO, please note that many of the venues are still being decided, and that there are many last-minute changes as a result. If you have any questions regarding this tour, please email:

31 August 2022

Big Government, Big Pharma, and Big Religion

Dr. Mark Sherwood, from Oklahoma, will join us today to talk about how the federal government seeks to centralize power, and common institutions have grown so large that their influence over our society can seem unbearable. The FDA and CDC are notorious for being infiltrated by Big Pharma "revolving door" interests; instead of seeking affordable and effective care for Americans, they seem to only wish to fill the pockets of big pharmaceutical companies.

Visit Dr. Sherwood's website:


Are Soros Backed Politicians Destroying the North American System of Justice?

In 2015, Anthony Burton moved to Savannah and worked at the Chatham County District Attorney’s office. At that time, he was hired by a competent District Attorney, Meg Heap; however, after she lost her election to a Soros-funded DA in 2020, Burton was subsequently fired. Departures from the Soros-backed DA’s office are up nearly 400%! Anthony is now a candidate for Recorder’s Court Judge in Chatham County, running on a platform of ‘Law & Order’ because he believes that the citizens in his county deserve to live in peace.


29 August 2022

Live with John O’Looney

UK Funeral Director John O’Looney joins me on the show, for a follow-up interview on what he has been seeing at his workplace.

Visit John's Website here:

Watch more of John here:

26 August 2022

Live with David Harris Jr

Today we are joined by David Harris Jr. David strives to break down the assumptive, racial, and political barriers that are currently causing division throughout the United States. The author of Why I Couldn’t Stay Silent is an entrepreneur, and podcast host, who has interviewed guests on his show such as Herschel Walker, Ted Nugent, Senator Ted Cruz, and Congressman Matt Gaetz. His most recent interview with was with President Donald J Trump.

Visit his website here:


Why Is No One Talking About Sudden Dead Doctor Syndrome?

Dr. Roger Hodkinson will join us to discuss why no one seems to want to talk about the recent epidemic of Canadian doctors who are suddenly dropping dead. We will also be joined by Kcarl Smith, who will tell us about Western Civilization’s biggest threat – the anti-God, anti-liberty agenda, that is Critical Race Theory. Kcarl Smith is a nationally recognized author, speaker and creator of the Frederick Douglass Republican Engagement Strategy™, a powerful and proven persuasive messaging approach, developed through 12 years of real-world successes.

Visit Kcarl’s website:


25 August 2022

What’s Coming Next? Live with Dr. Meryl Nass M.D.

Meryl Nass, MD is an internal-medicine physician and activist, with expertise in anthrax and bioterrorism; her interest is in prevention and investigation of safe and effective medical responses. Her expertise includes treating patients with Gulf War syndrome and with adverse reactions from the anthrax vaccine. She has raised various critiques about the deficient responses to the recent Ebola outbreak, baseless panic about a “measles epidemic”, global vaccine safety issues, medical ethics, and corruption in the medical industrial military complex. Dr. Meryl Nass joins me today to discuss what is in the new COVID vaccines that will be released soon.

Subscribe to Dr. Nass's Substack:


24 August 2022

We Are Not Safe! Live with Clay Clark

Clay Clark is a successful entrepreneur, who is the driving force behind ReAwaken America; we will be talking about US politics, COVID-19, and his upcoming Idaho tour. Also joining us today is Pastor Tobias Tissen, who will be recounting his most recent court appearance, and how it his legal battles are proceeding.

Visit Clay Clark’s Website:

Tickets to the ReAwaken America Tour: LINK


23 August 2022

Live with Dr. Peter Beggin

Dr. Peter Breggin is an American psychiatrist, and critic of shock treatment, psychiatric medication, and Covid-19 response. In his books, he advocates replacing psychiatric usage of drugs, and electroconvulsive therapy, with psychotherapy, education, and empathy.

Visit his website here:


22 August 2022

Live with Dutch Opposition Leader Thierry Baudet

Thierry Baudet is a member of the Dutch Parliament, and is the leader/founder of the Forum for Democracy (FVD) – he joins me today to discuss his running, current life in the Netherlands, the Great Reset, and more. As well as being a politician and academic, Mr. Baudet is also an author – he has released his latest book, ‘The Covid Conspiracy,’ which was a number-one bestseller in the Netherlands; it describes the plotting of western governments against their own people, during the “pandemic” that began in 2020.

Visit the Forum for Democracy Website:

To buy Thierry’s book: Amsterdam Books

18 August 2022

BREAKING: Child Not Allowed Transfusion With Un-Vaccinated Blood

A child, who requires life-saving treatments and transfusions, is being denied transfusions of unvaccinated blood by request of his mother; the hospital is even denying the mother the opportunity to donate her blood in order to help her son. Cindy MacDonald, an east-coast representative of Canadian Frontline Nurses, joins me on the show today to discuss the heartbreaking case, and be an advocate for this child. Tanya Gaw, from Action4Canada, also joins the show to discuss what can be done for this family, and for others experiencing the same treatment.

Cindy’s resource:

“Vaccine” Notice of Liability

Notice when threatened with experimental COVID injection, mask, or testing

NOL against rapid antigen testing

Action4Canada medical directive

Supreme Court ruling against forced medical treatment

Testimony: 10-year-old heart attack

16 August 2022

Live with Johane Andrews

Love, truth, knowledge, and profound spirituality… these are the foundations that Johane Andrews lives by. Forced into retirement from a 15-year career as a Personal Trainer Entrepreneur, she faced the greatest existential moment in her 66 years of living; Johane’s near-death experience, seven years ago, has allowed her to help others find strength in the fundamental truth that: “the body heals itself… when [you] learn to hear its messages.” Her knowledge about many readily-available supplements is being used to help individuals maximize their health, despite many present adversaries that they may be experiencing. Today, Johane joins the show to discuss Ivermectin, healing the body naturally, as she challenges the audience to start with these two simple words: “what if?”

Visit her website: LINK

Live with Mark Friesen and Sean Carter

Mark Friesen joins me on the program today, to discuss our upcoming tour in Alberta and BC, starting in September. We are also joined by Sean Carter, a dad from Saskatchewan, who has stood up for his child in refusing to have him take PCR tests, but as a result, has been denied surgeries and care from all SHA (Saskatchewan Health Authority) facilities.

15 August 2022

ReAwaken America with Lance Wallnau

I interview Lance Wallnau at the Rochester, NY ReAwaken America event.

ReAwaken Tour Tickets

Lance Wallnau's Website

Navigating the Airports

Live with Dr. Richard Fleming

Dr. Richard Fleming, a nuclear cardiologist, researcher, and author, joins me on the program today. Having recently spoken at the Crimes Against Humanity Tour, Dr. Fleming has also newly published a book titled, Is COVID-19 a Bioweapon: A Scientific and Forensic Investigation. Determined to undercover the true nature of COVID-19 and the resulting inoculations, Dr. Fleming is here today to discuss his research.

Visit Dr. Fleming’s website:

Stand up for American Freedoms:

Buy Dr. Fleming's Book:

11 August 2022

Live with Chris Smith

Chris Smith, from the Atlantic Underground Podcast, is here to talk about masks, mask effectiveness, and mask safety.

Atlantic Underground Podcast:


9 August 2022

Canada Post Employees Stand Up For Medical Choice!

Josy Marie, from Posties for Freedom, joins me on the show today to discuss how Canada Post Employees came together in November 2021, to form this group, after union mandates were implemented.

Visit the Posties for Freedom website to support:


8 August 2022

Any Politician Not Denouncing The Harms Of The Vaccine Is Not Worthy Of Our Vote

Live with Dr. David Mackereth

Dr. David Mackereth joins me on the show today. His story is very relevant in today’s social climate; he lost his job with the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) after he refused to identify clients by their chosen gender instead of their biological sex.

To read more about Dr. Mackereth’s story, here are a few links:


4 August 2022

Live with Clay Clark

Clay Clark is a business coach and entrepreneur from Tulsa, Oklahoma; alongside running his own show, he is the founder of The ReAwaken America Tour. He joins me on the show today with Aaron Antis.

Buy tickets before they sell out to The ReAwaken America Tour:

Visit Time to Free America to learn more:


Live with Maxime Bernier

Maxime Bernier is the leader of the People’s Party of Canada (PPC) and he joins me today to discuss the WEF, voting for your values, and why Justin Trudeau will not hold an election until next year.

Visit the PPC Website here:


Regarding Marcus Ray and Christopher James… my heartfelt thoughts

3 August 2022

January 6th From the Eyewitnesses

Today we will speak to two men who were in the Capitol on January 6th, 2021: Treniss Evans and David Sumrall attended the rally in Washington, DC and are now facing a variety of charges as a result.

Links to learn more:

Watch the Bloody Hill movie HERE

Live With Courtney Flynn, Titus and Isaac Smith

Courtney Flynn was born and raised in Torrance California, she believes in hard work and creativity to get a job done. Courtney, an awarded business woman, talks about Sephora rejecting her for being white.

Help Courtney’s discrimination lawsuit here:

Also, joining us today are two brothers whom we me at Re-Awaken America in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Titus and Isaac Smith are Christian content creators with about a million follower between them on their

Follow Isaac Smith on YouTube: LINK

Follow Titus Smith on YouTube: LINK


2 August 2022

The Great Unraveling

Pastors Tracy and Rodney Fortin are here today to talk about the court battle they are facing. These brave pastors of The Church of the Vine, in Edmonton, have made a stand and will not let the government decide how they Praise God. Pastors Tracy and Rodney are not backing down and could use all the support they can get.

To support their work, donate to:

Or E-Transfer at:

Glenn Jessome, our second guest, spoke to us a few weeks ago, about the Culture Of Death, within the healthcare field; referencing specifically the details of his mother's 'Medical Murder'. Glenn has an update regarding some backlash that has happened to him, the day after appearing on the Laura-Lynn Live show.


Live With Barbara and Chrystal Simonar, and Wendy, a Family Advocate

Chrystal Simonar, mother of Nora and Henry, and Barbara Sominar, the grandmother, were all well educated about the harms of the COVID jab, and said they did not want to be inoculated. Chrystal now has had her children taken away from her and she is fighting to get them back. An abusive situation is evident as an ex is using the children to cause great consternation. Joining them will also be family advocate, Wendy.

If you need help or can help Chrystal please contact:

Chrystal Simonar Video Evidence: Watch

29 July 2022

Former WestJet Employees Fight Back After Job Loss Over Mandates

Rob Simpson and a group of former WestJet employees are spearheading a lawsuit against the company. Spokesperson, Rob Simpson, who was a pilot that was fired this year due to mandates, has many stories of employee injuries and losses. These prior employees are trying to set precedence for Canadian airlines to stop unconstitutional injections.

To contact the employees:

To support their cause:

To hear Cody Flint's story: Vaccine Injured Pilot Speaks Out

Live with Pastor Artur Pawlowski

Pastor Artur Pawlowski joins me again today to discuss his recent legal victory, and the globalist agenda that is wanting to control us all.

Visit Pastor Art's Website to help support him:

27 July 2022

Live with Chris Oates

My guest today, Chris Oates, is a father who has recently been involved in a court case with the mother of his child, who will do all she can to give the child the COVID jab.


25 July 2022

Live with RN Janet Grills and Filmmaker Chris Harrigan

Janet Grills, a former RN of over 50 years, joins me to discuss her experience during the beginning of the Plandemic. Also, award-winning filmmaker, Chris Harrigan, joins me to discuss one of his latest projects: TipToe to Tyranny - you won't want to miss it!

Watch TipToe To Tyranny:

Policy Horizons Canada:


21 July 2022

Live with Dr. Robert O. Young

Dr. Robert Young is an American naturopathic practitioner and author of alternative medicine books promoting an alkaline diet. His most popular works are the "pH Miracle" series of books, which outline his beliefs about holistic healing.

Visit Dr. Young's Website:


20 July 2022

Leave Our Kids Alone

We have a packed show for you all – you do not want to miss it! Joining me on the show today are three guests: Roman Baber; Dr. Syed Haider, and Mark Friesen. Roman Baber is a politician running for the leadership of the CPC, and is here to discuss his vision for the future. Dr. Syed Haider is here to talk about the dangerous decision to vaccinate children, 6 months and older, for COVID-19; as Dr. Haider has been treating patients who are suffering from vaccine injury, his concerns continue to grow as our populations continue to mass vaccinate. Mark Friesen (aka The Grizzly Patriot) will also join us to talk about the upcoming farmer’s protest that will commence in Moose Jaw, Regina, on July 23rd.

Roman Baber's Website:

Dr. Syed Haider's Website:

Support the Farmers:

To contact Mark Friesen:


18 July 2022

Calgary Firefighters Initiate a Class Action Lawsuit Against the City of Calgary

Courageously fighting fires & saving lives one day... to standing against political bureaucrats, within their city, the next - a group of 20 Calgary firefighters have come together, pushing back with a class action lawsuit against the city of Calgary for their unjust COVID mandates. Three of them are with me today (Stephen Dabbagh, Mike Andrusco & Chris Andrew) to share their story, and expose the corruption within the politics and bureaucrats at the top.

To support, visit their website:


Why Are The RCMP So Desperate to Cover This Up?

Canadian Author and former Journalist, Paul Palango, joins me to discuss his non-fiction book, 22 Murders, the 2020 Nova Scotia mass shooting, and the corrupt relationship between Canadian police and the federal government.

To buy Paul's Book:


11 July 2022

A Culture of Death

Our guest today is Glenn Jessome, an academic, entrepreneur and businessman, from Nova Scotia, who holds a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, and an Associate in Education. He is here today to discuss CERN (The European Organization for Nuclear Research), and how its experiments are not a ‘physical or spiritual’ threat to mankind, but merely a metaphorical black hole that engulfs money, electricity, and resources. Glenn also discusses with Laura-Lynn the growing ‘Culture of Death’ with western health professionals, how this has affected the lives/deaths of his loved ones and of others, in an attempt to minimize the reach of such horrible ordeals that he has experienced.

Also, there are many stories to bring to light: including the ‘Sudden Adult Death Syndrome’ that is baffling Canadian health officials, and a new video of Chrystia Freeland being questioned about the current and future status of the ArriveCan app.


7 July 2022

6 July 2022

Live with Katherine Kowalchuk

Our guest today, Katherine Kowalchuk, is a lawyer from Alberta who is running for the leadership of the Alberta Independence Party. Katherine believes that it is our moral obligation to stop funding the government’s tyranny in Canada, and that the only viable solution is for Alberta to become independent of Canada. As an independent entity, Albertans may continue to endorse principals that recognize the Supremacy of God and the rule of law, so that all Albertans are provided the opportunity to thrive and prosper.

Independence Party of Alberta:

Live with Ann Vandersteel, Priscilla Romans and Mark Friesen

30 June 2022

The Heartbreaking Story of Grace Schara

What a heartbreaking story. Scott Schara shares the story of his beautiful daughter, Grace, and how she died a tragic and preventable death from improper COVID treatment at a Wisconsin hospital. Rather than administer treatments proven to properly combat COVID-19, the hospital followed the US Government’s ineffective treatment protocols – for which they receive a significant financial reward.

Visit Grace’s website:

29 June 2022

Alberta Needs to Wake Up - Bob Blayone

Alberta Patriot Bob Blayone joins me today to discuss the Alberta Independence Party and the WEF.

The Alberta Independence Party:

28 June 2022

Live With Former News Director Anita Krishna

Former Newscast Director for Global News, Anita Krishna joins me to discuss a list news events occurring recently in Canada.

Anita Krishna's website:

Follow Anita here:


27 June 2022

Live with Cheryl K. Chumley and Mark Sherwood

On a historic day in the US, the Supreme Court has correctly overturned the unconstitutional Roe v. Wade decision. Joining us today to break it down will be Oklahoma Gubernatorial candidate Dr. Mark Sherwood and Washington Times columnist Cheryl K. Chumley.

Visit Dr. Mark Sherwood’s website:

Visit Cheryl K. Chumley website:

To buy Cheryl’s book:


24 June 2022

Firsthand Account of January 6th with Treniss Evans

J6 Defendant Treniss Evans is being railroaded by the DOJ and joins us to tell us about his experiences on January 6th.

Support Treniss Evans here:

Visit his website here:

Filmed at Rock the Red USA, in South Carolina:

22 June 2022

Operation Outcry

Allan Parker and Denise Mountenay join us to talk about abortion in Canada and the potential for Roe v. Wade being overturned in the US.

Allan Parker, President of The Justice Foundation, was lead counsel for Norma McCorvey (formerly “Roe” of Roe v. Wade from 2000 to 2012) and Sandra Cano (the “Doe” of Doe v. Bolton) until 2014 - their efforts were to overturn the two landmark cases that brought legalized abortion on-demand to America.

Denise Mountenay is the Chief Administrative Officer for a Non-Governmental Organization out of Australia. Apart from attending The United Nations and World Health Assemblies, Denise has been organizing and leading various presentations on the connection between abortion and breast cancer – this is an area of study that is rather new, but much evidence is upcoming that abortion can be even more unsafe for women.

Visit the Operation Outcry website:

Denise Mountenay’s website:

Allan Parker’s website:


Clay Clark & Ernest Ramirez

Today, we interview Clay Clark who is a business coach and entrepreneur in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Clay is the founder of Thrive15, a company offering online education for entrepreneurs in 15-minute video formats, taught by world-class mentors; he is also the founder of The ReAwaken America Tour. Our second guest is Ernest Ramirez, a grieving father who’s son died last April from sudden heart complications just days after receiving the Pfizer vaccine.

Visit Clay Clark’s Website:

ReAwaken America Tour

Vaccine Adverse Reaction Support:

To Read More about Ernest Ramirez’s story:


21 June 2022

Good People Continue to Put Their Names Forward

Originally elected to serve in the 2015 Legislature, Mark Finchem is now in his 4th and final term and is running for the Arizona Secretary of State Representative. Born in Detroit, Michigan, Mark served 21-years with the Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety, first as a firefighter/paramedic, then as a law enforcement officer. After retirement, Mark has dedicated his time to maintaining leadership roles in both small and large businesses.

Visit his website here:

Filmed at Rock the Red USA, in South Carolina:

20 June 2022

Dr. Tau Braun on Laura-Lynn Live

Dr. Tau Braun is a clinical psychologist who offers and specializes in a scientific and optimistic approach to his research and practice. As of now, Dr. Braun is currently investigating the possibility that the bio-synthetic aspects of SARS-CoV2 are a military-grade biological weapon. He joins me on the show today to discuss some of his findings, and his COVID-19 response strategies.

Visit his website here:


17 June 2022

David Whitehead: The Warrior We Need

David Whitehead joins me once again on today’s program, to discuss being a warrior for freedom, and the future of Canada.

Visit David’s website here:

16 June 2022

Live with Alberta Patriot Tanner Hnidey

Joining me on the show today is a very brilliant young man, Tanner Hnidey, who is a published author, political commentator, and Vice President in Economics for The Alberta Prosperity Project. He is here to discuss the lack of objective law and God in Canadian politics, and ongoing projects with The Alberta Prosperity Project.

Follow Tanner by visiting his website:

Follow the Alberta Prosperity Project:

15 June 2022

Ontario Freedom Townhall Tour!

Continuing our speaking tour from Saskatchewan, Mark Friesen and I will be heading through Manitoba to Ontario! ! Currently, there are still a few venues we are sorting out, but those will be added shortly!

June 22nd: Thirsty Lion Tavern, 525 Dale Blvd.; Winnipeg, MB

June 23rd: Norman Community Club; Kenora, ON

June 24th: Agricultural Society Multiplex; Dryden, ON

June 25th: The Murillo Hall, 4569 Oliver Rd.; Thunder Bay, ON

June 26th: Royal Canadian Legion Branch 183, 37 Howe St.; Marathon, ON

June 27th: Bellevue Park Bandstand, 62 Lake Street; The Soo, ON

June 28th: Aisle Nine Burgers & Poutine, 947 Falconbridge Rd.; Sudbury, ON

June 29th: Bill Barber Complex, 1984 Swale Street; Callander, ON

If you do have any questions or comments about these events, feel free to contact:

Mr. Trudeau, Tear Down That Wall

Mark Friesen and I go through what’s happened this week, including the end of travel mandates in Canada and talk about our Saskatchewan speaking tour.


Live with Todd Harris and Dr. Charles Hoffe

Live with Todd Harris and Dr. Charles Hoffe who will be talking about a new vaccine documentary that they have produced.

Link to watch: Vimeo

10 June 2022

Food Shortages Are Coming. Are You Prepared?

Today, we are going to talk with Sondra Martin Hicks about the pending global food crisis. Sondra lays out a simple solution of how North Americans can better become food resilient, in producing their own food. Sondra has spent 35 plus years in the film industry, going out to Hollywood as a young 19-year-old with dreams of becoming the next Carol Burnett. Over the years, God began to unfold a different path for Sondra that has developed her skills and creativity to draw believers and unbelievers into the Presence of God through the medium of intimate story telling.

Watch The Global Food Crisis here: Heartstone Network


9 June 2022

Alex Newman: "We Need To Stand United"

Alex Newman, journalist and writer for The Liberty Sentinel, joins me to discuss his home state of Florida and running for State Representative. Artur Pawlowski also joins me today, to discuss his ongoing trial, and upcoming summer tour!

Visit The Liberty Sentinel Website here:

To support Alex in his running, visit his website here:

More information for Artur Pawlowski’s Tour is available here:

8 June 2022

Interview with Dr. Stella Immanuel

As part of the original America’s Frontline Doctors, Dr. Immanuel has been a vocal advocate for early treatment protocols for COVID-19. She is also a pastor and founder of Fire Power Ministries.

To visit her website, click the link here:

Filmed at Rock the Red USA, in South Carolina:

Mike Lindell on Live with Laura-Lynn

Mike Lindell is best known as the "My Pillow Guy," an American entrepreneur, and a patriotic American. We recently spoke to him at Rock the Red USA, where he discussed his very serious and well-founded concerns about the integrity of the US elections.

Visit his website here:

Filmed at Rock the Red USA, in South Carolina:

7 June 2022

Diego Rodriguez Today with Laura-Lynn

Diego Rodriguez is a professional speaker and the marketing director of Freedom Man Press – using this site, he has been able to inform people about many political stories that the Mainstream Media will not cover.

Visit his website here:

To support the father, Michael Jackson, visit the link here: Go Get Funding


3 June 2022

Our Children Need Protection! - Dr. Chris Shoemaker

Dr. Chris Shoemaker joins me today to discuss the data about vaccinating children against COVID-19. And it is shocking.


2 June 2022

Saskatchewan Let Freedom Reign Tour!

I am going on Tour in Saskatchewan with my good friend Mark Friesen! We are so thrilled to be touring various venues before heading off to Ontario! Currently, there are still a few venues we are sorting out, but those will be added shortly!

June 9th: Yorkton Gallagher Centre, Broadway St. W.; Yorkton, SK

June 10th: Northeast Christian Fellowship, 903 Main St.; Melfort, SK

June 11th: Canadian Revival Centre, 329 38th St. E.; Prince Albert, SK

June 12th: Life Outreach Church, Township Rd. 380; Saskatoon, SK

June 13th: Legion Hall, 262 22 St.; Battleford, SK

June 14th: 4907 49th Avenue; Lloydminster, SK

June 15th: Eagles Hall, 1910 South Service Rd.; Swift Current, SK

June 16th: McKenna Hall, 317 3rd St. N.E.; Weyburn, SK

June 17th: Regina Victory Hall, 320 Maxwell Crescent; Regina, SK

If you do have any questions or comments about these events, feel free to contact:

Wayne Peters - The Truth Is Revealing Itself

Wayne Peters joins me today to discuss Justin Trudeau's crackdown upon the little remaining gun rights we have here in Canada.

Visit Wayne's website here:


Lara Trump at Rock the Red USA

Lara Trump’s speech at Rock the Red in Greenville, South Carolina.

Filmed at Rock the Red USA, in South Carolina:

31 May 2022


Today, I'm going to tell you the story of my border crossing from Montana into Saskatchewan.

Live With Robert and Jaime Agee at Rock The Red USA

Robert and Jaime Agee were so concerned that people were not being informed of the potential harms of taking the vaccine. So they decided to launch a nationwide billboard campaign to tell the truth about the adverse reactions due to the COVID-19 “vaccines.”


Filmed at Rock the Red USA, in South Carolina:

30 May 2022

Bringing Accountability To The Airline Industry

Maureen Steele and Josh Yoder are working with attorney John Pierce and US Freedom Flyers which is an all-volunteer group of America’s transportation professionals in the air, rail, and trucking industries. Their specific mission is: to protect your inalienable right to travel freely without government obstruction based on your vaccination status. Currently, they are suing those who have forced vaccine mandates on airline personnel.

Filmed at Rock the Red USA, in South Carolina:

27 May 2022

Live With Paul Thomas, MD

Dr. Paul Thomas, host of Against The Wind and author of The Vaccine-Friendly Plan, has garnered much attention online by being a leading charge for medical freedoms, informed consent, and rationalizing pediatric treatment through his YouTube channel. He joins me to discuss many of the various freedoms he is fighting for in Oregon and across the US.

Dr. Thomas’ Show:


YouTube Channel:


26 May 2022

Schools are Out Of Control - Heather Maahs, Barry Neufeld and Tasha Fishman

Heather Maahs and Barry Neufeld join me today to discuss the negligence in protecting children from incredibly sexual content in the Canadian school systems, and what is being done about it. Tasha Fishman is our last guest today, and she joins me to discuss the tyrannical mandates ongoing in Canada, and how to help our children in this continuous area of over-sexualization.

Pierre Barns’ Facebook Page:

Other resources suggested by Pierre: 

Barry Neufeld’s GiftSendGo:

Visit Tasha’s website here: