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15 May 2023

Canada and the Race to the Bottom

We Cannot Trust Them

Proxy War on Small Businesses

Has America’s Biggest Crime Family Been Revealed?

The Hidden Healthcare Crisis

Canadian Flag Flap

4 May 2023

The Great Canadian Awakening 🙌🙏👏❤️is a nationwide movement launching inaugural conference May 5-6, 2023. 💃🕺🏽💥💫⭐️Don't miss your chance to buy tickets!

Let The Healing Begin Events' Powerpoints

Dr. Bonnie Mallard
Dr. William Makis
Dr. Paul Alexander
Dr. Byram Bridle
Dr. Bryan Ardis

Punish the Covid Liars – Dr. Paul Alexander

Frontline Protests Across Canada

What can I do if I’ve taken “the Jab”? A discussion With Dr. Niel Karrow

Sudden Death Explosion Around the World with Dr. Makis

Live With John Hilton-O’Brien