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15 May 2023

Canada and the Race to the Bottom

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Between manufactured pandemics and blatantly false climate alarms, progressives have set us on a course to the bottom. The destruction of democratic norms and freedoms is their goal. Allan MacRae who has a B.A.Sc and a M.Eng. is here to help us understand those false progressive policies and what the real science tells us.

Energy Experts International:


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  1. What Dr. Bryan Artis said makes no sense . He said they are putting a substance called "ecarin" into municipal drinking water to cause blood clotting . Ecarin is a substance in snake venom, the average snake has 1 – 850mg of venom , which isn't much , considering a teaspoon holds 4,929 mg of liquid. the city of Vancouver treats 1.8 billion litres per day of drinking water. Imagine how much snake venom it would take to have enough of a concentration in over one billion liters of water , to actually cause blood clots in people drinking the water, or how many snakes it would take to produce enough venom on a consistent basis for Dr. Artis theory to be right...which it is not.