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9 October 2023

Babel & Transhumanism: Why It’s More Relevant Than Ever

Robert Anthony is our guest today and we are going to talk about the experiments that CERN is doing and how those experiments could possibly be opening up a portal to another dimension and how Babel and transhumanism play into it.

4 September 2023

Gender Identity And The Transhumanist Paradigm

Longtime journalist and activist Jennifer Bilek joins us today for a deep dive into gender ideology, corporatism, synthetic sex identities, and how it all ties into transhumanism.

26 July 2023

Is Transhumanism Just History Repeating Itself?

Robert Anthony joins us today and we are going to have a fascinating discussion about Transhumanism and if it really is a new thing or is it much older than we think.

American Revival Press:

24 June 2021

Transhumanism with Dr. Carrie Madej

Dr. Carrie Madej will talk about the tectonic shift that has occurred in the guise of a pandemic. Bio sensor substances and smart phones, a social credit system, digital passports, gene therapies that may shed or transmit spike proteins that could affect fertility in healthy adults. 

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