22 September 2023

The Crisis in Canadian Politics

Former CPC leadership candidate Grant S. Abraham joins us to talk about the problem in Canadian politics and the Conservative Party in particular.

Mark Sherwood: http://www.sherwood.tv/

19 September 2023

The Charter’s Future With The Honourable Brian Peckford

The last living First Minister who helped craft our Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the Honourable Brian Peckford joins us today. He will talk about their intent when they crafted the Charter and where Canada is headed with Charter violating mandates.

Mark Sherwood: http://www.sherwood.tv/

🚨BREAKING! 🚨 Union Zoom Call With Plans To Disrupt Million March For Children

This is a secret recording of a joint meeting held September 16th, to organize strategic attacks & counter-protests against those parents, grandparents & other concerned Canadians participating in the Million March For Children. Their plan is to disrupt, demoralize, destroy, bully and intimidate marchers. Listen for yourself.

Mark Sherwood: http://www.sherwood.tv/

Dr. Meryl Nass & Biological Warfare

Dr. Meryl Nass joins us today to talk about the dangers of globalist organizations like the WHO & The UN and their plans to shape humanity and reduce population.

Mark Sherwood: http://www.sherwood.tv/

They’re Trying To Scare Us Again

Provincial health officers are ramping up the fear-mongering as flu season approaches. They are already starting to layout their mask mandates and vaccine rollouts to the public. It’s time we say enough. Dr. Richard Amerling will join us today to educate us and help us make sense of it all.

Mark Sherwood: http://www.sherwood.tv/

13 September 2023

What Are They Telling The Children?!

Today we are joined by Gabrielle Clark. Gabrielle is a fierce warrior for free speech rights, sex based rights and parental rights. She has fought in court against CRT indoctrination and created a program to help her daughter successfully desist transitioning. She offers coaching services to parents who find themselves in similar circumstances.

Mark Sherwood: http://www.sherwood.tv/

World Wide Rise For Parental Rights

Pete Harding from New York state joins us to talk about his group called Inspired Americans. Inspired Americans played a large role in ending the mask mandates in schools, having meetings to support people, organizing protests, rallies, parades and bringing the community together.

Mark Sherwood: http://www.sherwood.tv/

Is Being A Man Making A Comeback?

Today we are pleased to show you an interview with Steve Holmstrom who runs the Oilpatch Pulpit in Alberta.

Mark Sherwood: http://www.sherwood.tv/

12 September 2023

How Can Parents Get SOGI Out Of Our Schools?

Ronnie Herman will join us today to empower parents to fight back against the SOGI indoctrination taking place in our schools. Ronnie was an educator for 30 years and has a background in childhood development, behaviour analysis, special needs, crisis prevention in schools, and has worked with many diverse families and backgrounds.

Mark Sherwood: http://www.sherwood.tv/

8 September 2023

Does Being Fat Equal Being Healthy?

Dr. Mark Sherwood joins us today to talk about the disturbing trend that the health issues of being overweight are exaggerated and that obesity is actually a sign of good health!

Mark Sherwood: http://www.sherwood.tv/

7 September 2023

Man The Battle Stations

Wayne Sturby, leader of the Manitoba Party, will be here to talk about the Manitoba election in 6 weeks. Pastor Art Pawlowski will also join us to talk about what is going to happen in his upcoming sentencing hearing.

Manitoba Party: http://www.manitobaparty.ca/

6 September 2023


Canadian farmer Edward Embury joins us today to warn us about the UN and the WEF’s plan to conform our food systems to climate change. They plan to reduce protein from animal sources by 50% by 2050.

5 September 2023

Million March 4 Children Live With Kamel El-Cheikh

Kamel El-Cheikh joins us to talk about the Million March 4 Children to be held at different cities across Canada on September 20th.

Hands off our Kids: https://handsoffourkids.ca/

If God Is Not Fixing It….

Laura-Lynn speaks on the secret to surviving the storm when you can’t fix it yourself and God seems to be sleeping.

4 September 2023

Gender Identity And The Transhumanist Paradigm

Longtime journalist and activist Jennifer Bilek joins us today for a deep dive into gender ideology, corporatism, synthetic sex identities, and how it all ties into transhumanism.

1 September 2023

Live With Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg

Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg joins us today to educate us in stopping the next pandemic attempt in it’s tracks. He challenges prevailing narratives and encourages fearless thinking and says we must be aware of a war being waged against freedom and democracy itself.

Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg: http://www.false-pandemics.com/

31 August 2023

Live With Dr. Charles Hoffe

Dr. Hoffe was one of the first Canadian doctors to blow the whistle on large scale mRNA vaccine injuries. As a family doctor in Lytton, BC, he has worked as a rural and emergency room physician for more than 30 years. As a result of his outspokenness, he has lost his ER room privileges and had his income slashed in half. He is currently in the process of suing Interior Health for wrongful suspension.

The Prather Brief: https://americanmediaperiscope.com

30 August 2023

Laura-Lynn at Battle For Canada in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

"You all know that we all win in the end?... You know when you see God come through, you build something inside your soul and you know that he is able to take care of things." Laura-Lynn, in true LL style inspires, enlivens, and invigorates us with the hope that can only be found in our Hope and Faith in God. "It says in verse 13, the Lord laughs at the wicked for He knows that their day is coming. If God is laughing, we don't need to be crying. If God's got this, then I choose to trust Him in the middle of all of this mess. If God is God, then we are in good hands, and it is gonna be just fine. And if this is what the apocalypse looks like, I intend to have the time of my life and I hope you're gonna join me in that.

25 August 2023

Live With Major Jeffrey Prather

Retired special operations soldier, Major Jeffrey Prather joins us today and will talk about the deep state’s involvement in child trafficking and how we can help stop it.

The Prather Brief: https://americanmediaperiscope.com

24 August 2023

Citizens Outraged In The Middle Of The Fires

Stef and Jorne will tell us what it was like up in the Shuswap during the forest fires.

The Narrative Shall Not Be Challenged

Former Toronto Police officer Donald Best joins us to talk about a shocking story coming out of Ottawa. A Ottawa police detective is being charged with an unauthorized investigation into a potential connection between mothers’ mRNA Covid Vaccine injections and 9 Sudden Infant Deaths.

23 August 2023

BC’s Armageddon Fires & The Next Pandemic With Andrew Kaufman

Dr. Andrew Kaufman joins us to talk about the renewed calls for mandates and mask wearing because of a new ‘scary’ COVID variant that has been loosed upon the land. The people in the interior of BC are facing catastrophic losses due to massive forest fires. We will talk to Kyle Cardinal and some homeowners about what is happening on the ground there.

Andrew Kaufman: http://www.andrewkaufmanmd.com/

21 August 2023

Live with Rick Abbott

Rick Abbott is a Staff Sergeant in the Edmonton Police Service who was forced into early retirement for attending the Milk River and Coutts protests on his personal time. He wanted to find out for himself which media sources were being honest about what was happening on the ground.

The Rude Awakening

James Grundvig from AMP News joins us to talk about getting old school thinkers to wake up and take a look around and ask themselves serious questions about the Covid pandemic, election meddling, and financial manipulation which is robbing their purchasing power. James Ottar Grundvig is a first generation Norwegian-American, who lives and works in New York City. As an investigative journalist, he covers technology, sustainability, energy and business, and their intersections. Vlad Tepes joins us in the second half of the show to talk about a shocking hearing being held in Ottawa to try and stop a police detective from investigating a cluster of SIDS deaths and their possible connection to the vaccination status of the mothers.

RAIR Foundation: http://www.rairfoundation.com/

Vlad Tepes: http://www.vladtepesblog.com/

AMP News: http://www.ampnews.us/

17 August 2023

Live with Dr. Roger Hodkinson

Dr. Roger Hodkinson joins us today to talk about how we can take back control of our own health and what to look out for as we head back into the flu season. Steve Merrill from Sun City Silver & Gold will be here to talk about the future of fiat currency, Central Bank Digital Currencies, and why Gold & Silver have had monetary value for centuries.

Visit The Wellness Company Here

Excess Deaths In Babies & Young People In Switzerland

Dr. Konstantin Beck joins us from Switzerland to talk about the alarming rise of stillbirths we are seeing since the vaccine rollouts began. Dr. Konstantin Beck is an expert in Health & Economics. Former head of the CSS Institute, he has published three critical books on Covid-19 in Switzerland since 2020. He has spoken at many international conferences about the health insurance industry, been a senior lecturer at the University of Lucerne, University of Bale, et al.

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16 August 2023

Awaken Canada

Nathaniel Pawlowski joins us to talk about his latest experience in crossing the border back into Canada. He was told he has an arrest warrant out for him, which, was news to him. Clay Clark from Re-Awaken America will be here and he has thoughts on the Trump indictment and the Biden presidency.

14 August 2023

Live with Naomi Wolf

Naomi Wolf has been one of the earliest and most vocal critics of the Covid pandemic response. In conjunction with Steve Bannon’s War Room, they have produced a book analyzing the primary source documents released by Pfizer. Called ‘Pfizer Documents Analysis Reports’, it contains 46 reports on the Pfizer vaccine data. Naomi Wolf is a bestselling author, columnist, and professor; she is a graduate of Yale University and received a doctorate from Oxford. She is cofounder and CEO of DailyClout.io, a successful civic tech company.

12 August 2023

Fighting Fires & Fighting For Freedom

Australian firefighter Stephen McDonald is a founding member of the Australian Firefighters Alliance and is currently fighting to have vaccine mandates dropped for approximately 250 Australian firefighters.

9 August 2023

Transgender Overreach About To Get A Huge Smackdown

Dan Dicks from Press For Truth will join us today to talk about a victory for sanity in the case of the BC father who was in jail because he didn’t want his daughter to transition. Also, Granny MacKay will be here to update us on what is happening with Canada’s political prisoners – the Coutts boys.

Alberta Political Prisoners: operationrescue@protonmail.com

Visit Granny MacKay's website: http://www.grannymackay.ca/

Coutts Facebook Page

Visit Press for Truth: http://www.pressfortruth.ca/

8 August 2023

The Treacherous Child Welfare System

Mark and Terri Stemann have started an organization called Let Our Children Go under the umbrella of The Heritage and Freedom Coalition for exposure and education of what is happening to so many families and for support to children and families being forced to endure the treacherous child "welfare" system.

Visit Let Our Children Go: https://letourchildrengo.org/

Australia Starts To Unravel The Tangled COVID Lies

Shocking revelations from Pfizer and Moderno to members of parliament in Australia, who are questioning why there are so many sudden deaths and why employees didn’t get the same shot as everyone else. Today we speak to Gary and Melinda share about their experience in Australia, the lockdowns and where they are today.

Lockdowns Down Under

Today, we have former New South Wales Police force member, Roland Chrystal, and long serving paramedic, John Larter, who will tell us about all the injustices being done to their emergency response personnel. Roland resigned from the police force after he realized his conscience would not allow him to enforce illegal mandates on citizens. John Larter was dismissed from the paramedic service after he refused to get vaccinated.

4 August 2023

Economist Dr. Mark Skidmore

Professor of Economics at Michigan State University joins us today to talk about digital currencies, finance, fiscal and monetary policies, debt and COVID. He views current events from several vantage points in order to triangulate and hopefully gain a better understanding of who is pulling the levers in our society.

Funeral Director Michael Vogiatzakis

Winnipeg funeral director Michael Vogiatzakis will be here to talk about his experiences with COVID and the tragic effects the lockdowns had on families who wanted to say their final farewells to their loved ones.

Will Queer Infertility Be Medically & Financially Compensated?

VP of legal affairs at the Right To Life League, Susan Swift joins us to talk about some of the Orwellian laws being passed in California in regards to human trafficking, new definitions about who can qualify as infertile and who is going to pay for it. Nathaniel Pawlowski joins us in the second half of the show to talk about how me may go to jail for a year, for preaching outside of a drag queen event.

2 August 2023

Funeral Director Michael Vogiatzakis

Winnipeg funeral director, Michael Vogiatzakis, will be here to talk about his experiences with COVID and the tragic effects the lockdowns had on families who wanted to say their final farewells to loved ones.

Voyage Funeral: http://www.voyagefuneral.com/

Will Queer Infertility Be Medically & Financially Compensated?

VP of Legal Affairs at the Right To Life League, Susan Swift, joins us to talk about some of the Orwellian laws being passed in California: including human trafficking, new definitions about who can qualify as infertile, and who is going to pay for it. Nathaniel Pawlowski joins us in the second half of the show to talk about how he may go to jail for a year, for preaching outside of a drag queen event.

Right To Life League: http://www.righttolifeleague.org/

1 August 2023

DNA Vaccines On The Horizon with Attorney Tom Renz

US attorney Tom Renz joins us today. He is here to tell us about what vaccines are going to look like in the future, and it looks like they will be DNA-based, not mRNA-based. The difference is that DNA can modify your genetics.

31 July 2023

Dr. Laura Sanger And The Roots Of The Federal Reserve

Dr. Laura Sanger joins us today and will reveal the spiritual landscape of the roots of the Federal Reserve. By following known history, archeology and symbolism, The Roots of the Federal Reserve traces the Nephilim bloodline through the lineage of Ham and reveal the Nephilim agenda concealed for ages, operating insidiously, since the Seed war in Genesis 3.

28 July 2023

BREAKING NEWS! with Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi

World-renowned virologist and professor of microbiology, Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi joins us today. He will help us to understand the mechanism by which COVID-19 gene therapies are injuring and killing us.

Share this video. Canadian Health Authories will stop at nothing to prevent information like this being heard.

26 July 2023

Is Transhumanism Just History Repeating Itself?

Robert Anthony joins us today and we are going to have a fascinating discussion about Transhumanism and if it really is a new thing or is it much older than we think.

American Revival Press: https://www.americanrevivalpress.org/l

LIVE Breaking News from the Coutts Trial

Jason Lavigne, Dominique Fournier, Granny MacKay & Pastor Artur Pawlowski are at the Lethbridge courthouse with an update on what is happening with the Coutts boys. As you might expect, the Governement is playing dirty tricks by releasing new evidence today, even though they have been in custody for over 500 days.

Alberta Political Prisoners: operationrescue@protonmail.co

Live with Martin Armstrong

Economics guru, Martin Armstrong joins us today. We’ll talk about the real motivations behind the war in the Ukraine and the future of fiat (paper) currency and why tangible assets like gold and silver should be considered as part of your financial planning.>

25 July 2023

Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr, Mark Trozzi, and Attorney Michael Alexander

Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Mark Trozzi, and attorney Michael Alexander join us today to discuss the persecution of Dr. Mark Trozzi by the College of Physicians and Surgeons Ontario (CPSO).

Canadian Censorship and Digital Currency

Hamilton, Ontario CHP candidate Jim Enos will join us to talk about the CHP’s fight with the city of Hamilton over their bus stop advertisements. Rob Anders is a former CPC MP and will be here to discuss the looming prospect of a digital currency and what that means for our overall freedom.

20 July 2023

Canadian Mama Bears

Dr. Ann Gillies, Pastor Rene McIntyre, and Marilyn Jones will join us today to talk about how mama bears need to be vigilant in protecting their children.

Live With Dr. Bryan Ardis

Certified Acupuncturist and Nutritionist, Dr. Bryan Ardis joins us today. We will talk about ways to boost your immune system naturally.

18 July 2023

Live With Dr. Makis & UK Disability Claims Data

Dr. William Makis joins us today to talk about his most recent substack article which looks at the United Kingdom’s disability claim data

Are We In A Cosmic War?

Dean Briggs joins us today to talk about how indoctrination has taken over public education, how the culture is celebrating the confusion of our young people and whether this is an indicator of a larger, spiritual cosmic war.

Oil and Gas Pipeline Politics

Investigative journalist Charlotte Dennett is here to talk about her book: ‘Follow the Pipelines’ and dig deep into the deadly politics that are involved in the great game for oil.

14 July 2023

Canada's Attempt To Ban Supplements & Why Pfizer Should Be Criminally Charged

Lead Counsel for the NCI, Shawn Buckley joins us to talk about the Federal Governments plan to have Big Pharma take over control of the supplement market in Canada. This will include natural products like vitamins and other natural products. Karen Kingston is a med-legal advisor and biotech analyst with 25 years experience and she will be here to tell us why Pfizer should be criminally charged for breaking it’s contract with the US government.

12 July 2023

Live With Dr. Makis & Excess Deaths

Dr. William Makis joins us today and we will be talking about more evidence of mRNA vaccines and their effect on cancer cells.

11 July 2023

How Did We Get Here, Canada?

Andrew DeBartolo and Matt Hallick from Liberty Coalition Canada are here today and we are going to talk about the sliding moral and ethical decline we are seeing in Canada and what steps we can take to reverse it. The 4 Coutts political prisoners have been held in remand, not jail, for over 500 days now. Granny MacKay is here to remind us not to forget these young men and to spotlight the legals needs that they face.

Live With Board-Certified Ob-Gyn Dr. James Thorp

Dr. James Thorp will be here to warn us and talk about the risks that the vaccines pose to pregnant women. Dr. Thorp is a Board-Certified Obstetrician Gynecologist and Maternal Fetal Medicine Physician with almost 44 years of obstetrical experience. While serving as a very busy clinician his entire career he has also been very active in clinical research with almost 200 publications.

Pastor Artur Pawlowski With Disturbing Information

Shocking details of the lengths the political and judicial class will go, to silence their critics.

7 July 2023

Nathaniel Pawlowski Searched And Questioned Upon Return From The EU

Nathaniel Pawlowski will drop in for a quick interview to tell us about his experience with Canadian Customs, after testifying at the European Parliament.

6 July 2023

Pastor Faces 10 Years In Prison

Pastor Art Pawlowski has been accused of contributing to $400 million in damages by holding a church service during the trucker blockade at the Coutts border crossing. He could be facing up to 10 years behind bars.

5 July 2023

Live With Dr. Vibeke Manniche

Dr. Vibeke Manniche from Denmark joins us today. Dr. Manniche has been involved with epidemiology on one way or another for 34 years. She was the only Danish doctor who from the beginning spoke out against lockdowns. She will talk about excess mortality and the possible consequences of the vaccines.

4 July 2023

Nova Scotia Paramedic & The National Citizen’s Inquiry

Nova Scotia Paramedic Chet Chisolm was on stress leave at the beginning of the pandemic. The lockdowns indefinitely cancelled his stress relief treatments. He felt forced to take one dose of the Pfizer vaccine and that has resulted in him developing pericarditis. He then threw himself into helping set up the Nova Scotia venue for the National Citizen’s Inquiry.

Nova Scotia Mother Outraged At School Sex Toy Presentations

Today we are joined by Ona a Nova Scotia mother who was shocked and angered at finding out what her local schools were handing out and displaying to schoolchildren.

Live With Alex Newman

President of Liberty Sentinel Media, Alex Newman joins us today. We will talk about some of the big Supreme Court decisions recently handed down. One of them strikes down US colleges from using Affirmative Action in deciding on applicants. The one just released today, rules that Biden cannot unilaterally forgive US student loan debt. And of course, we will talk about all the other happening is the US and Canada.

30 June 2023

Canada’s Internet Lockdown

With Canada’s internet censorship Bill C-18 soon to become law, Google has joined Meta in announcing that they will be removing Canadian news from their platforms. In Justin Trudeau’s Canada, only government approved news will be allowed.

28 June 2023

The War of Dis-Information

Dr. Roger Hodkinson joins us today to talk about dis-information in politics and medicine. He will also get us up to date on the latest vaccine news.

27 June 2023

Are We Living In A Sodom & Gomorrah Era?

American entrepreneur, public speaker and preacher, Robert Anthony join us today. Robert has recently written an article on Sodom & Gomorrah and wonders if the push to mutilate our children through the trans ideology could bring down the wrath of God on our civilization. American Revival Press: www.americanrevival.press



Live From Quebec

Live In Quebec.

23 June 2023

We’re In A Battle, Canada!

I am in Quebec with Pastor Art Lucier and we are going to talk about some serious challenges that face this country.

20 June 2023

Peter Downing - Epic Stand With Children Against Pride

Peter Downing talks about the epic stand parents are making, placing Bibles on children’s desks at school during pride month.

16 June 2023

A Canadian Embalmer's Terrifyingly True Story

Laura Jeffrey is a Canadian embalmer who recently testified at the National Citizen’s Inquiry about what she saw as one of the frontline people who deal with the deceased.

14 June 2023

Canadian Physicians Under Fire

Dr. Trozzi’s hearings with the College of Physicians & Surgeons Ontario began on June 13th. Medical institutions have been weaponized against the people they are supposed to serve. The CPSO is persecuting good doctors who have protected people by discussing and criticizing the experimental Covid gene therapies.

Dr. Mark Trozzi's Website: https://www.drtrozzi.org/

12 June 2023

Live with Dr. Steven Pelech

Dr. Steven Pelech is the President & Chief Scientific Officer of Kinexus Bioinformatics Corporation. He will be here to talk about the power of natural immunity, Bill 36 & Dr. Bonnie Henry’s April 6 Public Health Order with mandatory COVID-19 vaccination of all BC health care workers.

Kinexus Bioinformatics Corporation: https://www.kinexus.ca/

7 June 2023

Swiss Pharmacist Sues Swiss Medical System

Kati Schepis is a pharmacist in Switzerland and will be here to tell us about her lawsuit against Swissmedic and the psychological pressures that forced her to leave her job at Bayer. Pastor Aaron Rock will join us to talk about his numerous Covid charges being stayed or dropped in Ontario.

Live with Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

Ohio physician, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny joins us today, and she is going to share with us why she started researching vaccines in 2000 and why doctors seem to be more experts in pharmacology than in anatomy, physiology and biochemistry.

1 June 2023

Live with Dr. Peter McCullough

Esteemed American cardiologist, Dr. Peter McCullough joins us today and will talk briefly about the COVID-19 jabs, before we discuss the epidemic that is the Trans Movement.

Dr. Chris Shoemaker at the Great Canadian Awakening

Dr. Chris Shoemaker gives an inspirational and informative presentation at the Great Canadian Awakening. His 45-year career includes work in Emergency Medicine in both Ontario (Ottawa and Hamilton Regions) and British Columbia. From 2020-2022, he worked in direct patient care at the West Ottawa Covid Care Clinic, and was part a member of the Eastern Ontario Response Team to Covid-19. More recently, he has been helping the Religious and Medical Freedom Movement and has declared the need to "Save the Children - End the Vaxx".

30 May 2023

Alberta Chooses Common Sense

Deanna McLeod from Kaleidoscope Strategic and retired pediatrician, Susan Natsheh recently testified at the National Citizens Inquiry and will be here to tell us what we have learned from past Covid response mistakes and changes to pharmaceutical legislation in Canada that we need to be aware of. Dr. William Makis joins us to talk about last night’s UCP victory in Alberta and what a Conservative government will do to protect Alberta from Trudeau.

Covid Sense: http://www.covid-sense.com/

National Citizen's Inquiry: https://nationalcitizensinquiry.ca/

Kaleidoscope Strategic Inc.: http://www.kstrategic.com/

Laura-Lynn on the Power of One Desperate Housewife

Prepare to laugh and be inspired! Today we share Laura-Lynn’s teaching at The Great Canadian Awakening, on the story of Jael from the book of Judges. Laura Lynn brings the light of God’s Truth to expose the lies being spread by the evil doers and their spheres of influence.

“We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places” - Ephesians 6:12

Are the Friendly Skies, the Safe Skies?

Scott Routly who is the chief pilot for an airline joins us today to tell us about his experiences during the crazy covid mandate period and the things he saw that told him things were not adding up.

25 May 2023

Live with Dr. Mark Sherwood

Dr. Mark Sherwood, Oklahoma’s former gubernatorial candidate & 10 year veteran SWAT team member reveals effective school safety plan to stop the next school shooting.

Dr. Mark Sherwood's Website: http://www.sherwood.tv/

Live with Dr. Stella Immanuel

Dr. Stella Immanuel was one of the earliest proponents in the use of hydroxychloroquine to fight COVID-19 and the dismissal of masks and social distancing as ineffective and unnecessary. She will talk about the efforts to censor her and what healthy treatment protocols we use to guard against the Next Big Thing.

Kristal Pitter, Sarah Choujounian, and Kristen Nagle from Canadian Frontline Nurses will join us to talk about their efforts to advocate for medical freedom, unite nurses, educate the public, and bring ethics back into healthcare.

Dr. Stella Immaneul: http://www.drstellamd.com/

Canadian FrontLine Nurses: http://www.canadianfrontlinenurses.ca/

23 May 2023

No Farmers, No Food, No Future

Edward Embury is a 5th generation farmer from Newburgh, Ontario. His family produces eggs, hogs, beef and grain feed. He is very concerned about the issues of centralized control of food rendering and distribution and the talk of Central Bank Digital Currencies. He has been speaking on farm issues since 1993 and was very involved in both Federal and Provincial politics.

The Women of Portage-Lisgar are Fighting Against Child Porn in Libraries

Christine Ronceray and Jennifer are mothers who discovered extremely disturbing and explicit books in the children’s section of the library. These books are in every library potentially across Canada. Your children are not safe. These books violate the criminal code of Canada. Here is what you can do.

My First Interview Since the Passing of Dr. Rashid Buttar

Today, I talked to the Co-Hosts of Talk Truth, Allan Hunsperger and Corri Hunsperger about my interview with the late Dr. Rashid Buttar.

Talk Truth: http://www.talktruth.ca/

22 May 2023

The Next Generation of Freedom Fighters

At the recent Great Canadian Awakening Event, I had a chance to sit down and talk to Nathaniel Pawlowski and Josh Alexander. These are two young men who are picking up the torch of freedom and carrying it forward.

Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson Presents at the Great Canadian Awakening

I speak of how nothing appears to be real anymore, like we are living in the Truman show. I speak about the only true thing left.

Who are the Nephilim?

Pastor Dean Briggs of Dean Briggs Ministries based out of Kansas City, Missouri, joins us today for a fascinating discussion on the Nephilim, the book of Enoch and other Biblical questions.

Dean Briggs Ministries: http://www.deanbriggs.com/

18 May 2023

Canada’s Tainted Blood

An advocate of naturopathy medicine, Samantha Monahan and founder of Safeblood, George Della join us today to talk about a safe blood supply in Canada. Samantha's life took an unexpected turn when her child, against her will, received donated blood that resulted in a tragic incident. Her child experienced cardiac arrest, an event that shook Samantha to her core and deeply impacted her perspective on healthcare and medical procedures.

Dr. Rashid Buttar and the Coronavirus Agenda

We are pleased to be joined by Dr. Rashid Buttar who will talk about the Coronavirus Agenda: the real story behind the origin of Covid-19. He will also talk about how governments are using this agenda to roll back our civil liberties and who is behind it. Dr. Buttar is trained in General Surgery and Emergency Medicine and served as Brigade Surgeon while serving in the U.S. Army.

Centers For Advanced Medicine: http://www.centersforadvancedmedicine.com/

PPC Leader Maxime Bernier Press Conference from Winkler, Manitoba

PPC Leader Maxime Bernier kicks of his by-election bid in Winkler, MB today talking Canada’s un-restricted abortion laws.

Dr. Byram Bridle: Let The Healing Begin - Calgary

University of Guelph associate professor, Dr. Byram Bridle gives his presentation in Calgary, AB at the Let The Healing Begin Event.

We Are In A War and Most Don’t Know It

15 May 2023

Canada and the Race to the Bottom

Between manufactured pandemics and blatantly false climate alarms, progressives have set us on a course to the bottom. The destruction of democratic norms and freedoms is their goal. Allan MacRae who has a B.A.Sc and a M.Eng. is here to help us understand those false progressive policies and what the real science tells us.

Energy Experts International: https://energy-experts-international.com/

We Cannot Trust Them

Award winning investigative journalist, James Corbett from the Corbett Report joins us to talk 9/11, Joe Biden and Klaus Schwab and all the other nefarious New World Order players.

Corbett Report: http://www.corbettreport.com/

Proxy War on Small Businesses

Today we are joined by Stacey Pacholek, who runs Stacey’s Happy Place Bookstore in Eckville, AB. She chose to keep her business open during COVID, in compliance with Canadian Law. The Alberta Health Services disagreed and inspected her more than 30 times, shut down her business 3 times, had 6 AHS orders against her, lost 3 Public Health Appeal Board Appeals, and were threatened with arrest by the RCMP.

Has America’s Biggest Crime Family Been Revealed?

Friend of the show and award-winning international journalist and founder of the Liberty Sentinel, Alex Newman joins us on a day when the Biden family corruptocrats are being exposed. We will also talk about the crisis at the US southern border, bank failures and many other things.

Our second guest is, Dr. Laura Braden. Dr. Braden is a molecular biologist with a focus in immunology. Her passion for the last 15 years has been immunopathology, disease resistance and host-pathogen interactions using advances in genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, and functional immunology.

As a scientist and mother, Dr. Braden continues to unapologetically fight for informed consent and scientific integrity, and fiercely defend the unalienable freedoms of all Canadians.

Liberty Sentinel: http://www.libertysentinel.org/

American Media Periscope: http://www.americanmediaperiscope.com/

The Hidden Healthcare Crisis

Documentary producers Danielle Pistilli and Alicia Johnson and Dr. York Hsaing will join us today to talk about their documentary “The Hidden Healthcare Crisis” and the challenges facing our medical system with vaccine mandates.

Canadian Society for Science & Ethics in Medicine: http://www.cssem.org/

Canadian Flag Flap

Rhonda Jubenville is a councillor in Chatham-Kent, Ontario who recently put forward a motion to allow only government flags on city flag poles. She will be here to tell us all about the fallout from her motion.

9 May 2023

Pastor Artur Pawlowski the Next Generation of Freedom Fighters

At the Great Canadian Awakening, Pastor Artur Pawlowski introduces his son Nathaniel, who gives a speech of hope for the future.

Interview with Ontario Party leader, Derek Sloan

A great conversation with Ontario Party leader and author, Derek Sloan. We talk about Canada and the lack of courage in the Conservative Party of Canada.

Derek Sloan's Book

Ontario Party: http://www.ontarioparty.ca/

4 May 2023

The Great Canadian Awakening: Nationwide Movement May 5-6, 2023!

Let The Healing Begin Event Powerpoints

Dr. Bonnie Mallard
Dr. William Makis
Dr. Paul Alexander
Dr. Byram Bridle
Dr. Bryan Ardis

Punish the Covid Liars – Dr. Paul Alexander

Frontline Protests Across Canada

What Can I Do If I’ve Taken “The Jab”? A Discussion with Dr. Niel Karrow

Sudden Death Explosion Around the World with Dr. Makis

Live With John Hilton-O’Brien