26 August 2022

Why Is No One Talking About Sudden Dead Doctor Syndrome?

Dr. Roger Hodkinson will join us to discuss why no one seems to want to talk about the recent epidemic of Canadian doctors who are suddenly dropping dead. We will also be joined by Kcarl Smith, who will tell us about Western Civilization’s biggest threat – the anti-God, anti-liberty agenda, that is Critical Race Theory. Kcarl Smith is a nationally recognized author, speaker and creator of the Frederick Douglass Republican Engagement Strategy™, a powerful and proven persuasive messaging approach, developed through 12 years of real-world successes.

Visit Kcarl’s website: https://diversityengagement.org/


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  1. Chats: "No nuclear strikes. Why would anyone 'destroy' a country?" Don't bet your life on it. Four reasons: North Korea. China. Russia. Iran. They don't think like Westerners. Furthermore; the objective is not annihilation. "Precision" strikes keep most of the country physically intact. (Nuclear radiation is a different story.) China covets North America--They desperately need our space/agricultural land/clean; abundant water/protected borders (oceans.) Fallout would poison too much. They must have other plans up their sleeves. But--I still don't rule out nuclear strikes. Compared to China/Russia; our weaponry belongs in war museums.