11 July 2022

A Culture of Death

Our guest today is Glenn Jessome, an academic, entrepreneur and businessman, from Nova Scotia, who holds a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, and an Associate in Education. He is here today to discuss CERN (The European Organization for Nuclear Research), and how its experiments are not a ‘physical or spiritual’ threat to mankind, but merely a metaphorical black hole that engulfs money, electricity, and resources. Glenn also discusses with Laura-Lynn the growing ‘Culture of Death’ with western health professionals, how this has affected the lives/deaths of his loved ones and of others, in an attempt to minimize the reach of such horrible ordeals that he has experienced.

Also, there are many stories to bring to light: including the ‘Sudden Adult Death Syndrome’ that is baffling Canadian health officials, and a new video of Chrystia Freeland being questioned about the current and future status of the ArriveCan app.


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  1. Laura-Lynn: Please....Have mercy. Waaaaay too many minutes of the insufferable; hand waving; empty worded windbag Freeland. A simple; direct question; a five-thousand word non-answer.

  2. Thank you for this interview. It was not easy to listen too but I have always wondered if my sister died a natural death or if she was euthanized. My mother too is a very fervent pro-life Catholic and she is not afraid of death as much as she is of corporate medicine and the unfeeling bureaucrats who do not have the best interests of the elderly at heart.